'Ex on the Beach' fans furious with Devin Walker for ranking Marie Roda a '6' and making a mess of a perfect date

Episode 5 of MTV’s popular reality dating show had fans all riled up. Marie Roda tried to rekindle her relationship with her ex Devin Walker but was left in tears with his unusual ranking system

                            'Ex on the Beach' fans furious with Devin Walker for ranking Marie Roda a '6' and making a mess of a perfect date

When Marie washed up on the beach, fans were overjoyed and couldn't wait to see what the "Queen of the Beach" had in store. Marie had her eyes set on her ex Devin Walker from day one and did everything she could to get his attention, pursuing him boldly.

When fellow participant Shannon asked her why she was so drawn to the bad boy of the house, Marie explains that she feels understood and comfortable around him. She goes as far as to refer to themselves as "yin and yang". It was crush week on the villa, which meant that a couple would get to go on a beautiful date. Devin picks Marie and fans heaved a sigh of collective relief when we saw the dreamy couple on their date.

Things seemed to be going well during the initial part of the date, but their fun banter eventually turned into a serious conversation. Marie asks Devin what's going on between them. Devin committed the biggest dating faux pas and told Marie that on a scale of friendzone to girlfriend, he would rank her a six!

This had us all collectively wondering if Devin's mental state was in order. A visibly shocked and hurt Marie handled it very calmly but broke down into tears in the confessional.  Our heart went out to poor Marie, while Devin just looked indifferent. Fans were furious about the whole ranking system and Devin's immature behavior.

Marie Roda on 'Ex on the Beach' (MTV)

A fan wrote, "Who the HELL does Devin think he is, to have women 'climb the ranks' to have a shot with him!? PLEASE. #ExOnTheBeach".  Another fan added, "Devin's yellow crayon teeth ass had the audacity to call Marie a 6... bruh, the motha f**kin irony of it #ExOnTheBeach". 

Later in the episode, Marie's ex Anthony B appears and expresses his desire to see if Marie and he can make things work between them. While Marie was happy to see Anthony, she was still hung up on Devin. She decides to flirt with Anthony to see if that would knock some sense into Devin about his feeling towards her.

As Marie expected, Devin gets all jealous and snarky when he see Marie getting the love and respect she deserves from Anthony. He later pulls her aside and makes things worse by telling her that now she's at -1 and that she ruined her chances by being so chummy with Anthony.

Devin Walker (Instagram)

Fans became even more furious with Devin. One fan tweeted, "I really hope you got your head out of your butt and & BEGGED @Marie_TBD to be your gf. Y’all are made for each other and you are too closed off to admit it. Seriously tho. Admit you care more than you’re saying bc we all know you do. #ExOnTheBeach".

Another fan summed up the episode between Devin and Marie as, "Devin: *makes Marie cry and tries to c**kblock her from an ex who is actually interested in her without having to string her along, all in one episode*".

We sincerely hope Marie moves on from this giant douchebag who doesn't know how to treat women with respect and finds a healthy relationship for herself with someone else. Tune in to 'Ex on the Beach' on Tuesday nights at 9/8c only on MTV.

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