Did Herschel Walker grow up rich? Ex-NFL star branded 'privileged' for saying 'Blacks don't deserve reparations'

'Who knew Herschel Walker played for the Aryans', says the Internet, adding that the football giant 'turned his back on his own'

                            Did Herschel Walker grow up rich? Ex-NFL star branded 'privileged' for saying 'Blacks don't deserve reparations'
Herschel Walker blasted for saying 'Blacks don't deserve reparations' (Getty Images)

Ex-NFL player Herschel Walker argued against reparations for Black Americans at a congressional hearing on Wednesday, February 17, saying, "Slavery ended over 130 years ago". The virtual hearing was being held for House Resolution 40, sponsored by Democratic Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee of Texas, which would create a commission to study reparation proposals. Walker, a standout athlete at the University of Georgia who won the Heisman Trophy in 1982 before going pro, asserted that compensating Black Americans for the lasting impacts of slavery would cause more harm than good. 

He said the reparations could force Black Americans to use genetics companies to determine payouts based on their ancestry and added that some Black Americans had involvement in the slave trade. Fans are aghast and wondering why Walker is turning his back on his own people.


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Herschel Walker (Getty Images)

Did he grow up rich?

Walker was born in Augusta, Georgia, to parents Willis and Christine Walker. His parents had a total of seven children and they raised their blue-collar family in Wrightsville, Georgia. Walker was studious, growing up and although he was overweight and struggled with stuttering, he was taught to find a way, not an excuse, according to a CNN report. He became Valedictorian of his high school class and earned a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice at the University of Georgia. Eventually, he became a mental health advocate after being diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorder after retiring from football.

Herschel Walker (Getty Images)


'How can he turn his back on his own?'

"NFL legend Herschel Walker opposes reparations for black Americans ⁦@HerschelWalker⁩ don't you get tired of bootlicking? Isn't your back sore or better yet have you been examined by a neurologist? After all, you took a lot of hits," said  a tweet, as another replied, "Seriously, how can hershel walker turn his back on his own? Reparations are well in order and a sincere solemn apology from a nation is demanded." Another Twitter user said the ex-NFL player was doing 'mental gymnastics' and downplaying racism. "After watching your videos it's clear that you would benefit from some of the mental health services he mentioned. You're doing mental gymnastics to downplay racism for a party of people who stormed the Capitol brought a noose and Confederate Flags #GQP #HerschelWalker," said the tweet.

Referring to Walker's friendship with Donald Trump, a tweet read, "The man YOU endorsed incited an insurrection against our capital. What are you feelings on that or him now?" "You are an embarrassment to the community w/ these absurd statements. Anyone with an internet connection can examine the economic effects of centuries of institutionalized racism in America. Start w/ home ownership. But your so committed to  for Trumpers  #BLM #HershelWalker," said another.










'Privileged a*****e'

"@HerschelWalker privileged asshole," said a tweet. "Herschel Walker is buck broken, and a fool," said another. "Who knew Herschel Walker played for the Aryans," another quipped. "#sheilajacksonlee Why would you put #HerschelWalker to discuss #Reparations and not have #drclaudanderson. This is a joke and you are a disgrace to #blackpeople. We will vote you out if you do not do right to Native Black Americans (meaning Black Americans)." noted another.

A Twitter user compared Samuel L Jackson's character in the 2012 western 'Django Unchained', where he played slaver Calvin Candie's starkly loyal house slave and close friend, who is one of the prime antagonists of the film. "Imma tell my grandkids that this is Herschel Walker," a tweet read, sharing a picture of Jackson as Stephen.









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