Ex-NBA player Jason Maxiell admits on a TV show that he cheated on his wife with 341 women

Jason Maxiell wed Brandi in 2010 after nine years together and the pair has a six-year-old son Jason Maxiell II

                            Ex-NBA player Jason Maxiell admits on a TV show that he cheated on his wife with 341 women

Jason Maxiell, a professional basketball player who used to play for the Detroit Pistons, shocked viewers of 'Iyanla: Fix My Life' when he admitted to cheating on his wife with 341 women. The 35-year-old appeared in the interview with Iyanla Vanzant and confessed to sleeping with a baffling number of women behind his wife's back during the broadcast on the Oprah Winfrey Network.

Jason wed Brandi Maxiell in 2010 after nine years together and the pair has a six-year-old son Jason Maxiell II.

Even though Brandi was aware of his infidelity, the former 'Basketball Wives LA' star was devastated when he said he'd had sex with "over 50 women" in his life.

Brandi confessed that she was under the impression her high school sweetheart only had eight extramarital affairs. Calling it "disgusting," Vanzant asked Brandi why the number was worse than sleeping with 10 others, for example. Brandi responded: "I'm not saying it isn't. Eight is a lot for me."

As emotions were overwhelming, a tearful Brandi gathered her belongings and left the room as the show's host followed her. Jason remained in his seat throughout the filming.

The sportsman had previously told Vanzant about his 341 conquests but that was when Brandi, his partner of 17 years, was not in the room. Jason maintained during the chat that he had been checked out to see if he is a sex addict and he wasn't.

When asked how he accomplished the feat, he said that "at the time, it was easy to do." He added that he may have been looking for something else in being unfaithful. When asked what he gets from the sexual interactions, he shared that it was a form of escape: "I don't know, I guess just two or three hours of being away." But Jason couldn't say exactly what he wanted to get away from.

Vanzant's reasoning was that a man demonstrates what his father did but is "who his mother makes him."

The episode also looked at Jason's lying and possibly drinking problem. However, he maintained that he does not have a drinking problem and sticks to four beers a day, but was told that Brandi and both their mothers believe he needs help.

When Vanzant separately interviewed Brandi, viewers learned how their son had been caught up in their relationship issues. Vanzant warned her against her stopping their child from visiting his grandparents when she was not present, she put it down to Jason's apparent drinking problem.

The filming took place a year ago and since then Brandi has posted images of herself wearing her wedding ring at some times but not others. While Brandi hasn't revealed whether she is still with her husband, she said in a statement to The Shade Room that her focus has changed from being a great life partner to being an excellent parent.

Screenshot of Brandi's statement (The Shade Room)
Screenshot of Brandi's statement (The Shade Room)

Brandi added that she's concerned her little boy will view the episode one day and been negatively affected. She said;  "I'm aware that my son will someday come across this video and witness what the man of his life has done to his mother & how I stood by and basically did nothing."

Before tying the knot, Brandi survived ovarian cancer after being diagnosed in 2007. She has previously spoken about her struggle to conceive since then. "I’m very scared about it because it comes with a risk and that’s scary. I have to go through so much IVF, all the needles and the medications I have to take," Brandi told Life & Style. "It’s so overwhelming, so I have to come to terms with that."