Ex-spook says Brittney Griner still in Russian custody as Joe Biden lacks 'gravitas' of Donald Trump

Ex-spook says Brittney Griner still in Russian custody as Joe Biden lacks 'gravitas' of Donald Trump
Sexton feels Brittney Griner (C) would have been back home by now if the White House operated differently (Christian Petersen, Kevin Dietsch, and Brandon Bell/Getty Images)

Former CIA officer Buck Sexton feels Phoenix Mercury player Brittney Griner continues to remain in Russian custody because President Joe Biden and his administration lack the "gravitas" of former President Donald Trump.

The 31-year-old Women's National Basketball Association player was detained by Russian Customs in February 2022 after cartridges containing hashish oil were found in her luggage. During her trial on July 1, Griner pled guilty to the charges but added, "There was no intent. I didn't want to break the law."


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Meanwhile, Sexton and his co-host, Clay Travis, told Fox News that Griner would have been back home by now if the White House operated differently. "We just have to add 'foreign policy' and 'clout on the foreign stage' to the areas of the utter failure of the Biden administration," said Sexton.

He further claimed that former president Barack Obama chose Biden as his 2008 running mate due to his concentration in foreign policy which led to "disaster." The radio and television host cited reports the attorney for US-held Russian arms dealer Viktor Bout claimed Moscow will agree to swap Griner for the man known as the "Merchant of Death" if prompted, as per the portal.


"That would be quite a move. But from the Biden administration, would it be surprising? I don't think so," he said. Bout is serving 25 years on convictions of conspiracy to use anti-aircraft missiles, conspiracy to provide material support to a designated foreign terrorist organization, and conspiracy to kill United States nationals.

Referring to Paul Whelan, who has toiled in a Russian labor camp since 2018, Sexton said that he wants all captive Americans home. "The Biden administration doesn't have what it takes to negotiate this deal – obviously doesn't have the kind of personal gravitas, with Vladimir Putin that would help move the needle. And the Russians know this," he said.


He claimed that Russia is aware of Biden's incompetence. Travis said the "double standard" is that Trump would have likely already secured her release, and referred to cases including the UCLA basketball players in China and rapper A$AP Rocky in Sweden. "Donald Trump would have had her back more than Biden has," said Travis.

Previously, Griner wrote a letter to Biden and told him that his candidacy was her first-ever vote. "I voted for the first time in 2020 and I voted for you. I believe in you. I still have so much good to do with my freedom that you can help restore. I miss my wife! I miss my family! I miss my teammates! It kills me to know they are suffering so much right now. I am grateful for whatever you can do at this moment to get me home."



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"As I sit here in a Russian prison, alone with my thoughts and without the protection of my wife, family, friends, Olympic jersey, or any accomplishments, I'm terrified I might be here forever. I realize you are dealing with so much, but please don't forget about me and the other American Detainees. Please do all you can to bring us home," Griner wrote, as reported by The Guardian.

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre confirmed that Biden has read the letter. "This is very personal to him. We are going to use every tool we possibly can to make that happen," she said, according to The Guardian.



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