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'Evil' Season 3 Episode 4: Why is Sister Andrea being forced into retirement? Will David help her?

The fourth episode shows Sister Andrea being approached by church officials who ask her to retire after a psychiatric evaluation
A still from 'Evil' Season 3 Episode 4 (Paramount+)
A still from 'Evil' Season 3 Episode 4 (Paramount+)

Contains spoilers from 'Evil' Season 3 Episode 4

'Evil' is a psychological mystery that investigates the inception of evil between science and religion. The new season will dive into devilish concepts like sex, death, doom-scrolling, cults, and the stock market. In every episode, Kristen (Katja Herbers), David (Mike Colter), and Ben (Aasif Mandvi) investigate supernatural mysteries and also try to show how the "supernatural" can be traced to a psychological condition.

In the previous episode, the church officials, especially Leland, are skeptical about Sister Andrea’s (Andrea Martin) health as they notice her strange behavior. Meanwhile, Monsignor Matthew Korecki (Boris McGiver) suspects that Andrea is hallucinating. He tells David about the declining health of Sister Andrea and how she is talking to imaginary friends. 


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The fourth episode, titled ‘The Demon of the Road’, opens with Sister Andrea being approached by church officials who try to force her into retirement. They mention several complaints about her mental and physical decline and request her to retire. They also suggest that she move to a silent retreat in Upstate New York which they think would be a perfect fit for her. However, Sister Andrea refuses to listen to their demands. She calls for an investigation before being forced into retirement. The church officials decide to take psychiatric evaluation to determine whether she is fit to fulfill her duties as a nun.

A still from 'Evil' (Paramount+)

Dr Kurt Boggs is asked to evaluate Sister Andrea’s mental state and deduce whether her cognitive senses are deteriorating or showing signs of early onset dementia. He enquires her about her visions of demons and the hallucinations. Sister Andrea reveals that she first started having them when she was 15.

Towards the end of the episode, Dr Boggs submits a report stating that Sister Andrea must retire. When David learns about this, he defends Sister Andrea from the authorities trying to force her into retirement. He demands an ecclesiastical tribunal to defend her and takes the role of the priest to do so. Will David be successful in helping Sister Andrea? Stay tuned to next week's episode to find out.

Season 3 Episode 4 of 'Evil' is available on Paramount+.