'Evil' Season 1 Finale: Kristen is the 'demon' and Lexis is her prime connection, suggest latest fan theories

The shocking revelation at the end of 'Evil' is making fans anxious and a few of them have theories about how she could be a demon

                            'Evil' Season 1 Finale: Kristen is the 'demon' and Lexis is her prime connection, suggest latest fan theories
Kristen Bouchard (CBS)

'Evil' ended with a mind-blowing finale but had a mysterious cliffhanger. Towards the end of the episode, there were several hints as to how Kristen Bouchard (Katja Herbers) could be possessed. The shocking revelation is making fans anxious and a few of them have come up with theories about how she could be a demon. 

While some dots connect to the demonic presence, there are too many open ends. "The priest said that the person has to accept the demon before they can be possessed. So when did Kristen accept a demon?" one fan wondered. Another viewer said, "I don't know what to think about that ending, Kristen snapped. She had a potential killer threatening her kids. We've seen she has a temper when she cut Leland's neck without hesitation. I don't know if she killed Orson but she's looking pretty guilty right now."

Orson LeRoux (Darren Pettie) had a brutal death. Towards the end, Kristen gets a call saying LeRoux is no more. "He was bludgeoned. We are thinking it was by his wife. Your troubles are over."

Many fans think Kristen has a hand in it. "Um...Kristen. What did you do with that axe?? Oh no and there's blood on your leg. I have to look away so I can't testify against u," one worried fan posts and another says, "It kinda makes sense David saw her walking towards the devil, Kristen was leaning into evil."

Kristen Bouchard (CBS)

"It was already in her. Kristen went to that RMS fertility clinic in order to get pregnant with her after she'd had a miscarriage. The opening of the door was so that Orson could leave the gift basket," one fan wrote.

Moreover, it freaks out many how her daughter Lexis Bouchard (Maddy Crocco) is the prime connection between her and the evil forces. "Daughter Lexis is the prime connection between Kristen and The Forces of Darkness. And the poor child doesn't even know it," one fan wrote and another one said, "Lexis is one of the demon spawn....poor Kristen. Mommy’s shtupping a demon and her daughter may be one."

With that abrupt end, several others are still asking questions. "Why is the Devil at Kristen's door? And why did her daughter answer it??? What. Is. Going. On???" one fan posts and another writes, "Oh, hell! Kristen!!! WTF?!? The crucifix?!? Why did it burn her??? I know she's NOT #Evil!!! That's how y'all leaving it???"

"Aw man! Kristen used that clinic?! Lexis is the daughter that answered the door! Remember she was the one Grandma told to hit her bully between the eyes," one viewer wrote. The CBS horror show is over but the suspense remains. The only saving grace, perhaps, is that the series has already been renewed for a second season.

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