Everything you need to know about Disney+, Disney's new streaming service

From how much it is likely to cost to what you can binge on, here are the five things you need to know about Disney's upcoming streaming service

                            Everything you need to know about Disney+, Disney's new streaming service

Disney's new streaming service Disney+ is being hailed as the giant that will trample on the likes of Netflix and Amazon. With the Fox-Disney merger, Disney will not only have money to pump into the  streaming service, but it will also have 60% ownership of Hulu, a two-fold increase from its pre-existing stake in the 20th Century Fox assets, making it a biggie for sure. Here's everything you need to know about Disney+.


When will it be available and how much will it cost?    

Although no official launch dates have been announced, the service is most likely to be rolled in around the end of 2019 in the US. It is also likely to be on the cheaper end of the spectrum - it will definitely be cheaper than Netflix but we don't yet know by how much. Netflix has a standard $8 per month plan and $11 hi-definition plan at present. This could also mean that Disney+ could have less number of movies and films in comparison to other streaming platforms. Disney chairman Bob Iger has revealed that Disney+ will be focusing on quality rather than quantity of content. They also seem to be really counting on the fact that they will have exclusive content from Marvel, 'Star Wars', Pixar as well as National Geographic. 

What type of content will Disney+ have? 


Definitely not R rated. Disney+ will be focused on children's programming and family oriented entertainment. According to a Deadline report, Disney's aim is to create a handful of shows and films for the first year. Some of the shows that are confirmed to be included are an unnamed 'Loki' TV adaptation, an untitled 'Star Wars' live action series that will explore the story prior to the events of 'Rogue One: A Star Wars Story' as well as 'Star Wars: Mandalorian'. 

There's also Ericson Core-directed 'Togo' along with Julia Hart's 'Stargirl', and two films - 'Timmy Failure' and 'Noelle'.

After the streaming platform launches, movies like 'Avengers: Infinity War' will be gone from Netflix and will be available on Disney+. Disney will have pulled out most of its content from Netflix since Disney has decided not to renew its contract with the competitor. 


The first big theatre release from Disney to come on to the platform will be 'Captain Marvel'. You would also have a new 'High School Musical', an animated 'Monsters Inc' series, and the 7th season of the animated series 'Star Wars: The Clone Wars'. As for the R rated content, Disney will most likely bring them all to Hulu. Additionally, every big release after 2019 will be available on Disney+. There's also 'Toy Story 4' to come and a possible 'Scarlet Witch' series.  

This also means that if the recently canceled 'Daredevil' and 'Luke Cage' ever make a comeback, it will be on Hulu. Bt it will only happen after 2020, since their contract bars them from doing so until then, according to a Variety report. There's been no hint from Disney that it will revive any canceled shows but if it really wanted to, it would be on Hulu. With Hulu's declining revenue, it would be a great place for it to reinvent. 

How can I subscribe to Hulu?



As of now, Hulu airs in the US and Japan. Disney+ will only air in the US for now. It may expand eventually but its first priority will be the US market. Hulu offers a wide variety of plans starting at the standard $7.99 a month and $39.99 for Hulu + Live TV with ads and $11.99 to 43.99$ for the no ad iteration. Iger has also expressed his intentions of adding a lot of "combined company fuel" to Hulu, so it is possible that Hulu's prices may go up and it may end up expanding while Disney+ deepens its roots. "There’s an opportunity to improve – or I should say increase – our pricing there," he said. Another reason why Hulu would be a huge asset to Disney is that it can "offer targeted ads".  As for their new steamer, they will be specific and "brand-centric", customized to please. Marvel and Stars Wars fans may want to rejoice. 

How is it likely to evolve? 

Things are bound to happen quickly and efficiently. Disney has been planning this for a while and it would not be surprising if they moved on to add more-than-planned original content by the end of their first year perhaps. Iger has talked about having a "game plan" ready for when "the produce" hits the market, which he says is in great shape. As for purchasing the rest of the shares of Hulu, he's not revealed anything yet - but if his plan for Hulu succeeds, there's a chance that Disney would buy the rest of the shares. "If we see opportunities growing more and more to move programming over to direct-to-consumer platforms, we’ll do that. We can’t right now estimate in any way if that will happen," Iger told Variety. "We’re going to be nimble, as we’ve already evidenced by just the fact that we’re going into direct-to-consumer as aggressively as we’re going into it."