Straight from the cast: What to expect from Cobra Kai season 2

The 'Cobra Kai' series has able to win over the viewers just like 'The Karate Kid' movie did nearly 34 years ago. Season 1 is a hit and now the wait begins for season 2.

                            Straight from the cast: What to expect from Cobra Kai season 2

The apple does not fall from the tree and just like that the 'Cobra Kai' series has been able to wow its viewers like 'The Karate Kid' movie did when it first hit the screens nearly 34 years ago. Stepping into the world of web series, the show's plotline not only paid tribute to the original movie but also brought in some of the elements of the 21st century. Speaking to Meaww, the cast of 'Cobra Kai' gave us a glimpse of what their audition processes was like and what can one expect from the upcoming season of the show. 

An audition is not someplace where you bring the family along and especially not toddlers. In the case of  Courtney Henggeler (Amanda LaRusso) it happened that she had to audition with her son, Oscar Noah, seated next to her. "I remember bringing my son to the first audition because I couldn’t find a sitter," she said. "Which is perhaps not the best idea I’ve ever had…I was so nervous. He would start crying and it pretty much distracted me the entire time I was reading with the casting directors. Apparently, it went better than I thought because I got a call back to meet with the producers a few days later. Then after that meeting, I was asked to test for the studio and network. Ralph and Billy were both there as well, and it felt like a very fun room. I remember walking out of that last audition and saying to myself, well if I didn’t book that, I think I need to find a new career." 

As for Jacob Bertrand (Hawk/Eli), his audition process started with a little mishap. "I got the call from my agent that a Karate Kid reboot was happening and they wanted to see me for one of the roles," he said. "I was so stoked about the opportunity. I went in (with the wrong script, so I had to study the new script at the audition and then go back in and read), did the audition, and about three hours later got the call that I had booked the role. I was out of my mind happy." Meanwhile, for Gianni DeCenzo (Demetri), the audition for 'Cobra Kai' happened to be the shortest one he had given so far. "The week of the audition, I went in, I read the part, they said I did a good job, then that weekend I got a call saying that I would need to go to Georgia to film 'Cobra Kai,'” he said. 

But the person who was clearly at an advantage was Cameron Markeles (Frank) whose martial arts background worked in his favor. "It was pretty simple. My background in martial arts was very influential in my selection. Everyone involved with the show made the process quick and easy," he recalled.

While the show's essence lies in karate, luckily for some of them, they did not have to go through hours of rigorous training. "I did karate for about 4 years when I was 8. I don't remember much, to be honest," recalled Jacob. "Before the show, we trained and stretched. Lots and lots of stretching." Cameron added, "I didn’t need any special training for the show because I started Tae Kwon Do when I was six, and I am currently a 2nd Dan Black Belt." However, things were a little different for Gianni. "I  had never taken a karate class, but I had taken Taekwondo classes. More recently I have been taking Krav Maga classes. My character never actually shows any proficiency in karate other than getting his ass kicked, so I have yet to do any special training on set," he mused. 

Even though we are left with some sketchy details about next season of 'Cobra Kai', Gianni sure does know what he would like to see on the show. "Well personally, I hope we see more of Demetri and it would be cool to see his social life get kicked into gear. Also one of Demetri’s last lines is that he’s re-considering joining 'Cobra Kai', so we’ll see what happens with that this season," he said. Cameron added, "I wouldn’t be surprised if more characters from the original movie appeared next season. I don’t want to give any spoilers for people who haven’t watched the show yet, but the last episode leaves the door wide open for some exciting changes next season." This certainly has pushed our hopes up. 

The second season is set to return to the screen in May 2019 and there is a lot in store for the viewers as they would be able to see each character evolve. "I think Amanda will meet some challenges now that Daniel’s focus is shifting back into the world of Karate," Courtney said. "They both created this wildly successful business together.  But what happens now that Daniel has other aspirations?  I also have a secret desire for Amanda to get involved with Johnny.  But that’s more based on the 11-year-old Courtney who lives inside of me."

For the lovers of Hawk, Jacob believes you might be able to see him in a different color, literally. "In season 2 I think Hawk will just keep expanding his wings. Maybe a different color for the Mohawk, I don't know. Just gonna have to wait and find out I guess," he said.

Gianni, however, let in that he wouldn't mind joining the karate gang. "Well being that Demetri is one of Miguel’s better friends, he may very well become part of the social scene. I think he’s sold on how cool karate and being a part of Cobra Kai could be, so maybe I’ll get a chance to be more physical. But I guess we’ll see," he said. As for Cameron and his character, in the new season, we might get to see him making some decisions. "I think Frank will continue to become bolder and more confident as he continues his karate training. It will be interesting to find out if he ends up being good or bad," he said. 

While the show is yet to finalize its release date, there is no doubt that everyone is counting days till 'Cobra Kai' hits the screen again.