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All you need to know about the location where Season 5 of Netflix show ‘The Circle’ was filmed

Makers of 'The Circle' have 'catfished' viewers into thinking that the series had been filmed on a different continent
The apartment building featured in 'The Circle', which will drop Season 5 on December 28 (Netflix)
The apartment building featured in 'The Circle', which will drop Season 5 on December 28 (Netflix)

MANCHESTER, UK: A new season of the Netflix dating reality show, ‘The Circle’, officially called ‘The Circle: Singles’, is all set to air on the streaming platform on December 28. Contestants on Season 5 will strive for popularity with their isolated fellow players by claiming to be romantically available. While some of these declarations may be genuine, others may be a tactic to deceive the other participants in the hope of claiming the season’s grand prize of $150,000.

The upcoming season will also include none other than Season 1 participant Shubham “Shubi” Goel among the players. Viewers can surely expect plenty of flirting, drama and catfishing between contestants as this strategy game occurs in the infamous ‘The Circle’ apartment complex. However, speaking of the apartment complex, many fans of the show might be wondering where exactly this building is located. or if it was even real. Well, here are all the details about the filming location of ‘The Circle’ and the answers to some of the burning questions about the show’s iconic building. Keep reading to learn more.


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The apartment building featured in 'The Circle' (Netflix)
The apartment building featured in 'The Circle' (Netflix)

Where is ‘The Circle’ Season 5 filmed?

While Season 1 of the ‘The Circle’ seems to have been filmed in Chicago because of the extensive use of the city's skyline shots and aerial drone footage of famous landmarks, as well as Milwaukee, it turns out Netflix basically "catfished" its audience into thinking that the series was filmed in a completely different continent. In reality, the series was filmed in the English city of Salford, UK. However, this only lasted for Seasons 1 and 2. The apartment complex that Netflix has used to shoot the series is the Adelphi Wharf Phase One building in the Salford District. According to Lee Daily, the showmakers have stuck with Manchester City, UK, for filming the rest of the seasons, including Season 5.

From all corners of the globe, the participants of 'The Circle' have been selected to participate in a unique and extraordinary challenge. Locked in individual apartments, they can only communicate with their fellow competitors via “The Circle”, a voice-activated platform that allows them to reveal as much or as little as they choose. For some, it’s an opportunity to be themselves while for others, it’s a chance to reinvent themselves or create a persona entirely different from the one they inhabit in the real world and catfish their fellow contestants.

The gym inside 'The Circle' apartment complex (Netflix)
The gym inside 'The Circle' apartment complex (Netflix)

To make their stay as comfortable as possible, ‘The Circle’ definitely goes above and beyond to provide contestants with a unique and cushy experience. Not only do the makers prepare 12 apartments for the contestants, but they also set up an in-house gym, yoga room and jacuzzi to ensure that they need not leave the building during filming! This way, they can truly escape into their own world while still being part of one of the most exciting reality shows on TV.

Catch ‘The Circle’ Season 5, set to release on Netflix on December 28.