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Euphoria's 'Cannibal Holocaust' score reignites interest in notoriously controversial film

‘Cannibal Holocaust’ is a 1980 movie that was banned for sexual assault and animal violence
UPDATED FEB 21, 2022
Still from the Season 2 trailer (HBO/ Euphoria)
Still from the Season 2 trailer (HBO/ Euphoria)

‘Euphoria’ recently released soundtrack for season 2 episode 7 and it blew the minds of people as the television series used the theme music of ‘Cannibal Holocaust’ for the same. ‘Cannibal Holocaust’ is a 1980 movie that uses ‘found-footage’ technique to tell a story about an Italian film crew that faces nightmarish scenarios after traveling into the rain forest to meet an indigenous tribe. The movie is so horrific, thanks to scenes of cannibalism, sexual violence as well as animal cruelty, that it is still banned in many countries.

The latest development has created a lot of buzz online as it reignited the interest of many in controversial movies. It also left many people concerned since the new generation has no idea about the problematic horror-adventure film context of the music sampled in the HBO series. 'Euphoria' centers on “a group of high school students as they navigate love and friendships in a world of drugs, sex, trauma and social media.”


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A user on Twitter shared, “oh man :-( boohoo :-( young people are gonna use the cannibal holocaust theme song for weeks without knowing about the movie :/ bro.the only thing that matters about cannibal holocaust is that they literally irl brutally killed animals for the shot. the theme song a non factor atp.” Another user wrote, “I regretfully watched cannibal Holocaust for the the first time a few days ago. It has been givin me nightmares 😵‍💫 Then they used the main theme song for last nights euphoria credits Nd I was 2 stunned to speak fr. I was having war flashbacks fjdicirifjejf.”



The third user said, “God damnit Sam Levinson, now the fucking Tik Tok kids are going to be all over the Cannibal Holocaust theme🤦🏻‍♂️ Guarantee 99% of the people tweeting about it didn’t even know the film existed until they saw it trending.”


“i need to know who’s idea it was to use the cannibal holocaust theme in the end of euphoria S2 episode 7. i mean it fits but if you know that movie,” the fourth one added. Another person said, “Cannibal Holocaust is a bad movie that nobody likes and only sounds cool if you're 17 so it makes sense that someone who works on that shitty TV show thought it would be SO cool to reference it.” Others saw the film's theme music taking over TikTok with one tweet remarking, “I’m calling it. A bunch of kids are going to make TikToks with the theme of Cannibal Holocaust playing because they heard it on Euphoria, and they’re going to act shocked when they find out what happens in that movie.”




“I DO NOT EVEN WATCH EUPHORIA BUT I AM JUMPSCARED BY THIS BTW DO NOT WATCH CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST THAT SHIT IS HORRENDOUSSSSS LOL,” a tweet read. A sarcastic comment read, “Yes, euphoria sampled Cannibal Holocaust. Yea, Emily in Paris had a Peter Greenaway reference…almost like screenwriters spend all their time watching screens. Aspiring filmmakers, this is the competition.” Another comment added, “#euphoria ended with the CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST song from 1980 which is the first found footage horror banned from several countries MEANING shit will really go down.”