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A DARK FORESHADOWING: Idaho victim Ethan Chapin seen in chilling old pic with murder house in background

The gruesome murders have remained unsolved so far and internet sleuths are digging into every bit of information for possible clues
UPDATED NOV 28, 2022
The picture appeared to show Ethan Chapin with the murder house visible through the window (u/Sky_Late
The picture appeared to show Ethan Chapin with the murder house visible through the window (u/Sky_Late Reddit)

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MOSCOW, IDAHO: An old picture of University of Idaho victim Ethan Chapin seems to have fueled amateur sleuths' imaginations as the image appears to show the murder house in the background. A forensics expert recently said that obtaining DNA samples from the killer will be a "big difficulty" for authorities investigating the gruesome murders of four University of Idaho students due to the abundance of blood at the house on King's Road, Idaho. Detectives are trying to put the four deaths at 1122 King Rd in Moscow, Idaho, into a more extensive chronology.

The house where the crime took place has garnered a lot of attention among the residents of Idaho and across the internet. As per netizens, the house is spotted in a number of pictures posted by the victims on social media. Meanwhile, web sleuths are digging actively into the atrocious murder and have developed several theories. One Reddit user unearthed Ethan's picture from Sigma Chi's Instagram account, where the user spotted the same murder house in the image's background.


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The user wrote, "Very eerie photo I found on U of I Sigma Chi's Instagram account. This was posted back in March, and I am almost certain this is Ethan Chapin circled in the pic with the house he would be murdered at in the background visible through the window."

A user replied, "Whether it is or not, those poor kids in that house are going to have that constant reminder when sitting in the room. It seems like you could see that house from so many places on campus from pics I've seen. Kids are resilient, and I know these guys aren't babies, but still. Heavy."

Another user wrote, "Ok, honestly, at first glance, this post annoyed me but seeing this comment I get what you mean. There are sooo many random photos where this house is in the background, and not even in a slight way, like full profile in the background of so many pics. It def needs to be demolished, but also how the hell did this evil person get in and out unnoticed by everyone?! I mean I get how they did considering it was dark and the angles, and people not really paying attention but man, the confidence in this person to feel like they could get in and out… it's absolutely insane."




According to Joseph Scott Morgan, a forensics professor at Jacksonville State University, there would be a "commingling of blood" as the killer proceeded from victim to victim, making it "impossible to separate individual samples," as reported by Daily Mail. The deaths of Kaylee Goncalves, 21, Madison Mogen, 21, Xana Kernodle, 20, and Xana's freshman boyfriend, Ethan Chapin, 20, have remained unsolved so far.

According to the Moscow Police Department, it has received "hundreds of pieces of information" that point to Kaylee Goncalves, one of the victims, having a stalker. None of these tips have been confirmed by the investigators. The killer struck between three and four in the morning while the teenagers were sleeping, according to the police. Each victim had multiple stab wounds, and some also had self-defense wounds. There were two additional housemates inside the residence who were unharmed. After midday, the police were contacted, and neither of the two surviving roommates was the one who made the call, as reported by Daily Mail.