Instagram Live Battle: Jill Scott sings Erykah Badu's 'Tyrone' to make up for tech snag, fans hail 'sisterhood'

Scott sang Badu's popular song 'Tyrone' when the latter's phone died

                            Instagram Live Battle: Jill Scott sings Erykah Badu's 'Tyrone' to make up for tech snag, fans hail 'sisterhood'
Jill Scott and Erykah Badu (Getty Images)

Erykah Badu and Jill Scott had an Instagram live where they sang favourite cuts of songs with a million people watching them from around the world.

Badu sang several classics, from 'Appletree' and 'Next Lifetime' off her 1997 seminal debut Baduizm to 'Cleva' from 2000’s 'Mama’s Gun'. Scott, on the other hand, sang singles such as 'Can’t Wait' from 2015’s Woman and 'Watching Me' from 2000’s 'Who Is Jill Scott?' This wasn't a battle at all. This was two women lifting each other up, as Twitter rightly pointed out. 

Twitter has been abuzz about these two ladies bringing much joy to a gloomy world. One of the favourite moments from the live was Scott singing 'Tyrone', when Badu's connection dropped out. 'Tyrone' is one of Badu's popular songs. Twitter hailed the two for sisterhood and noticed how "strong women hold each other up". 

"Jill playing Tyrone for Erykah because her connection dropped out is SISTERHOOD! ALLYSHIP!" tweeted a viewer.

"Shout out the Jill for finishing the out with the highly anticipated TYRONE," another fan wrote. "Ahahaha same here! In my head I’m like #ErykahBadu ahahaha but I couldn’t write that. They were so supportive of each other... When Jill played 'Tyrone'... like come on!" a fan wrote.

"I went through a bottle and a half of wine I'm a big surprise on the god of wine, listening to #JillScottVsErykahBadu. It was so chill. And when Badu lost connection and Jill Scott filled in with Tyrone...Rhys how we do. We hold each other down. Dopeness," a fan tweeted.

"Sisterhood is Jill Scott making sure we heard 'Tyrone' when Erykah's phone died," a fan tweeted. "Erykah live ended abruptly and Jill held it down and continued Tyrone. You really do love to see it," wrote a fan.

"*Tyrone cuts off. Erykah’s live ends.* *Jill on live by herself continues to  play  Tyrone.* Y’all saw how many times they thanked each other? All imma say is I luv all genres but THIS music right here does not allow space for cattiness. Gratitude and sisterhood ONLY."

This act of sisterhood really warmed fans' hearts. What was your favourite moment from the live Instagram battle?

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