Eric Church announces October release of new album 'Desperate Man'

Eric Church finally has some good news for his fans as he confirmed the October release of his new album 'Desperate Man'

                            Eric Church announces October release of new album 'Desperate Man'
Eric Church (Source: Getty Images)

Country music star Eric Church has announced the release of his new album 'Desperate Man' which is set to launch on October 5 this year. In a video message to his Church Choir fan club, he left a note about the release of the album which is his first official release since his 2015 surprise album 'Mr. Misunderstood'. The single with the same title as the album will be available on Friday, although it is already streaming for both paid and free memberships on the Church Choir fan club today. 

Church has been teasing his fans for a while after he posted on his Instagram handle "July 12th-9:00 am EST". What appears to be a beginning of a countdown, fans were left speculating until now if the date and time were about a tour or an album release. Fortunately, it's the latter as Church revealed during the brief live stream saying, "The album is done... And we are back."

The new album is coming out nearly three years after Church released 'Mr. Misunderstood' on the same day of the 2015 CMA Awards and the album came up with several hits including 'Record Year', 'Kill a Word', and 'Round Here Buzz'. The record has been certified platinum and spawned four No. 1 singles. The Boot notes that his recent single which was released in 2017, 'Round Here Buzz', went to radio in April that same year. He spent much of that year on the road on his Holdin' My Own Tour. 

Church addressed his fans in a video where he mentioned that his album is finally done and Choir will have access to it first by simply just logging in. "It’s been a while; I just want to say I have missed you,” Church said, “I have good news… The album is done, and we are back. It’s called 'Desperate Man' and the first single is called ‘Desperate Man,’ with the Choir having access to listen first through their login today.”

Church has co-written 'Desperate Man' with Texas country singer-songwriter Ray Wylie Hubbard and the song will probably pick up from where 'Mr. Misunderstood's' 'Chattanooga Lucy' left off, according to Rolling Stone. The report states that in the song Church is moving forward with more nonconforming lyrics painting an evocative picture of struggle and sanity. He justifies his state of being in between attaining sanity and salvation as he says, "But, hey, what can I say? I’m a desperate man."

The musician lost his brother Brandon last month following multiple seizures before he died on June 29. Brandon and his brother had co-written several songs including 'How 'Bout You' from Church's debut album 'Sinners Like Me' in 2006 and 'Without You Here' from his 2009 album 'Carolina'. The brothers had started collaborating much earlier during the 'Mountain Boys' in the late '90s.

A memorial was established in Brandon's memory, the Brandon Church Memorial Scholarship, to help students with furthering their education. A note on the website reads, "This loving memorial is set up to honor Brandon E. Church, beloved son, brother, father, and friend. In lieu of flowers, please pay forward a gift that will keep on giving to others through furthering their education. The Brandon E. Church Memorial Scholarship Fund will be used to bless others and honor a benevolent life.  Thank you for showing your love and support to the Church family." 

Church had also paid a tribute to his brother at a gig in Ohio by singing 'Amazing Grace' and 'Sinners Like Me'. It can only be anticipated that  parts of his new album 'Desperate Man' will have certain references to his brother. Fans can pre-order the CD for $10 and the vinyl for $20.