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EPIX 'From' Episode 10 Review: Nobody's going home yet, and season 2 must happen

There are no answers, but the much-awaited finale ends on an intriguing note
UPDATED APR 10, 2022
Harold Perrineau in a still from 'From' (EPIX)
Harold Perrineau in a still from 'From' (EPIX)

Contains spoilers from 'From' Episode 10 'Oh, the Places We'll Go'

Let's focus on the final minutes of EPIX's eerie humdinger 'From' Episode 10. The radio works, but Jim Mathews (Eion Bailey) gets a response that sends shivers down everyone's spine. Tabitha (Catalina Sandino Moreno) escapes with Victor after what we feel is where the monsters sleep? We don't know really. Then comes the part where Boyd (Harold Perrineau) goes into the faraway tree and finds himself trapped in a narrow chimney-spaced place while there's no reveal about what happens to Sara (Avery Konrad).

The last scene shows the diner where the jukebox plays Neil Young's 'Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere' as a bus that has Grand Rapids on it arrives. Again, no idea who and what arrives on the bus, but we also see a yellow Volkswagen bug parked across the street, and the credits roll soon after. What we do know is the VW belonged to Fatima (Pegah Ghafoori) and Kristi (Chloe Van Landschoot) was from the Grand Rapids and there's no honestly no explanation about whether these are new folks or just the same people transported back in time and arriving at the godforsaken place.


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The episode starts with Boyd and Sara making it through the rough ordeal where they were dragged to an unknown part of the jungle. The Sheriff sees a vision of his dead wife who cries for help after being stuck in a cocoon of sorts, but it proves to be like a trap that sees Boyd barely make it out and being bitten by spiders. He staggers and suffers as Sara manages to push him, and they brave a storm to come across a lighthouse. Again, no answers here as to who is living in the lighthouse, but the boy in the white dress seems to be one of those helping hands in all of this.

There's no official confirmation from EPIX about a season 2, but without it, there are not many answers and while the last few episodes had the audience screaming for answers, the show just carried on giving away as less as possible. While the suspense can be intriguing and irritating, there's no taking away that 'From' has been a mighty compelling show. It's been pacy, the horror has been juxtaposed with enough mystery and some raw emotions. Couple this with a promising cast, the horror drama is already a winner.

'From' Episode 10 will surely raise more questions, especially with the vague endings. There's no telling whether this is a good vs bad story or just an unending tale of horror, but it does enthrall and hopefully, there's a season 2 incoming.

'From' airs Sundays at 9 pm ET on EPIX.