'Ex on the Beach: Peak of Love': Fans wonder how Ryan managed to date someone as attractive as Magdalena

'EOTB' fans have a lot of questions over Ryan and Magdalena's unlikely pairing

                            'Ex on the Beach: Peak of Love': Fans wonder how Ryan managed to date someone as attractive as Magdalena
Ryan Gallagher and Magdalena Ruiz (MTV)

If there is one person who hasn't been caught up in any drama of any kind on 'Ex on the Beach: Peak of Love', it would have to be Ryan Gallagher.

The former 'American Idol' winner has managed to lay low and keep to himself to the point that we have begun to wonder if he was on the show for a vacation to make friends or to find love.

However, all that changed for the better when his ex-Magdalena Ruiz waltzed in looking like a million bucks.
As soon as she popped up, everyone's jaws dropped to the floor looking at the stunning beauty. In fact, almost all the cast members in their green room interview couldn’t help but express some major respect for Ryan for being able to bag a beautiful girl like Magdalena.

Fans too had similar feelings and began wondering how someone so plain and boring like Ryan managed to get Magdalena to date him.


A fan tweeted, "The fact that Magdalena is Ryan's Ex is still mind-boggling me. #ExOnTheBeach." Another fan wrote, "Whewwww Magdelena is FINE!!! How tf did Ryan get her #ExOnTheBeach."

A fan echoed similar thoughts with, "Ryan’s ex is f**king gorgeous. How the hell did he get her #ExOnTheBeach" while another wondered, "How did Ryan's dry unseasoned self bag Magdalenas fine self #ExOnTheBeach."

Another fan questioned, "Wait. Magdalena dated the PA. How did HE bag HER?? #ExOnTheBeach."
Fans came up with a few wild theories about why Magdalena might be drawn to Ryan. A fan tweeted, "How the f**k did plain ass boring ass bland ass wallpaper ass Ryan snag someone like Magdalena???? Boy must be rich as hell from that one American Idol stint #ExOnTheBeach."

Another fan speculated, "How the f**k did Ryan get Magdalena? Does Ryan have a big d**k? He does not exude Big D**k Energy? What is happening? #ExOnTheBeach #ExOnThePEAK."

"Guess Magdalena is a huge fan of oatmeal. The only reason I can understand her attraction to Ryan. #ExOnTheBeach #ExOnThePEAK," joked a fan.

"Magdalena is really really pretty," shared one fan who added, "She seems too spicy for Ryan's boring bland-toast personality. I’m trying to picture them together but... eh.. Maybe she spices up his life somehow. #ExOnTheBeach."
In case you’re wondering what brought Magdalena on the show, she reveals that Ryan was insecure and didn't know how to handle all the attention she got. She jokes that he doesn't know how to date pretty girls.

Ryan, for his part, maintains that he has strong trust issues thanks to his disastrous previous relationships, and reveals that he has his guard up against Magdalena. We can’t wait to watch how things pan out between the former 'American Idol' winner and Magdalena.
You can catch all the new episodes of 'Ex on the Beach: Peak of Love' every Thursday at 9/8c, only on MTV.

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