'Ex on the Beach: Peak of Love' fans want Callum to back off and let La Demi form her own opinion about Sam

While appreciating Callum's concern towards La Demi, 'EOTB' fans felt that he should stop meddling and let her form her own opinions about people

                            'Ex on the Beach: Peak of Love' fans want Callum to back off and let La Demi form her own opinion about Sam
Callum and La Demi (MTV)

When La Demi walked into the 'EOTB' chalet, everybody had their eyes on this beautiful girl who could easily pass off as another one of the Kardashian sisters.

Unfortunately for Demi, she was having a tough time forming connections in the chalet. Initially, she was interested in Marlot, but that went down the drain when she saw him talking to Laurel, which she mistook as him showing interest in Laurel. Later, even though her ex Tyler came, things didn't work out for her.
As she was beginning to feel lonely and cut off from the rest of the chalet, Georgia's ex Sam walks in and suddenly Demi's interest is piqued. She is intrigued by his looks and reveals that she has a crush on him.

While she sits down with Sam and tries to get to know him better and flirt a bit, Callum and Georgia get irked. Callum, who earlier declared his loyalty and friendship to Demi begins feeling protective about her and picks a fight with Sam.

Sam and Georgia had a bad breakup, which included Sam allegedly selling screenshots of Georgia's texts to media outlets and tainting her image. So, Callum feels that Sam isn’t good enough for Demi, and demands that Sam stay away from Demi.


While Callum is out picking a fight with Sam, Georgia begs Demi to not fall for Sam because he is "manipulative". Demi and her friend Adore, ask Callum and Georgia to back off and explain to them how difficult it is for trans women to find men, and how the straight people don’t get it.
Fans too felt that Callum should step back and let Demi form her own opinion about Sam rather than going by Georgia’s and his opinion about him.

A fan wrote, "Yeah on 1 hand i get being protective over Demi, but now ur crossing a line where ur only looking at it through a straight cis lens which isn't fair to her trans experience. Yes sam is probably manipulating her, but she's a big girl and is allowed to feel her oats. #exonthebeach."

Another fan echoed similar thoughts with, "#ExOnTheBeach callum is the most annoying person ever like.. if you were really la demi’s friend you would let her develop her own opinion on sam.."
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