Enrique Iglesias' video of twin toddlers giggling is way too CUTE!

A father can do anything to make his kids laugh, and the video is proof that the Spanish singer can literally run the distance for them

                            Enrique Iglesias' video of twin toddlers giggling is way too CUTE!

Enrique Iglesias rarely shares any pictures or videos of the toddlers he had with tennis star Anna Kournikova, but when he does, it is absolutely ADORABLE! The 'Bailamos' singer recently uploaded a cute video of his seven-month-old twins - son, Nicholas, and daughter, Lucy - on his Instagram handle and fans are going crazy!

In the video which gives a rare glimpse into the Spanish singer's home, the toddlers are seen sitting in their baby stroller as their dad acts silly by running and screaming up and down the yard. Captioned 'Tough audience to entertain 😂🦃', the video shows the toddlers giggling gleefully at their father's antics. 


The video has given fans some serious meltdowns drooling over the babies' laughter. While some fans blessed the happy family, "So cool they are enjoying themselves with Daddy. God bless the whole family. Muuuaaa !!", others mocked claiming it was "Another way to do gymnastics."

Although Iglesias and Kournikova have been quite private about their family, the video comes almost a month after Anna posted a picture with the twins cheering for the World Cup. The 'Escape' couple seem to have already divided their kids into separate teams, as the toddlers showed their support to both parents' home countries, Russia and Spain. 


Iglesias too had posted a similar picture in April during a match between Liverpool and Roma at the Champions League. Captioning the picture as, 'Game day!! ⚽️⚽️⚽️', the father, son, and daughter trio was seen staring at the screen completely engrossed in the match. 


This is also not the first time Iglesias has shared a video of him trying to make his kids laugh with his silly antics. The 'Hero' singer had posted a video on the 4th of July in which he was probably out at sea with his family. Holding one of the toddlers by his side, he can be seen sprinkling water from his mouth while the baby giggles away.