'Avengers Endgame' Review: [Spoiler Alert] Major scene is a big nod to girl power in the MeToo era

'Avengers Endgame' Review: [Spoiler Alert] Major scene is a big nod to girl power in the MeToo era


'Avengers Endgame' made sure that it gave its viewers what they had asked for. Right from their chilling battle scenes to some deaths that we did not see coming, the final Avengers movie made sure that the audience was not left disappointed at the end of the movie.

However, one scene in particular that catches the attention of everyone is the scene where many women come together to fight the bad guys, and believe us, there were MANY -- both powerful women and bad guys.

Throughout Marvel movies, we have seen women take on different roles. Be it Black Widow or Wanda Maximoff, the films have made sure that they all have their respective roles and are there fighting next to the guys. But things were a bit different this time. Rather than letting the boys take the centerstage, it was the turn of the girls to show that they are as powerful and as daring as the guys. 



When Spiderman, played by Tom Holland, is unable to take care of the Infinity Stones, it is Captain Marvel, played by Brie Larson, who takes the wheels. We all know that Captain Marvel is not someone to be messed around with. For someone who is taking care of many worlds in the universe, walking in a battlefield with the Infinity Stones looks like a cake walk for her. However, sometimes, it is not such a bad thing to get some help and luckily for Captain Marvel, her hero sisters had her back. 

We see Nebula, Okoye, Pepper, Wanda Maximoff, and several other women coming together and acclaiming that they have got it covered; and without wasting any time, the ladies soon get to business and are seen kicking some villains out of their existence.

Something like this scene had never taken place in any of the Marvel movies before. It could be said that in the era of MeToo and Time's Up movements, the stand taken by Marvel through this scene makes everyone see that women are just as good as any men out there, and when all powerful women come together, there is no stopping them.

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