'Encore': Donald and Sheri's unfinished love story steals the show as cast restage 'Anything Goes'

'Encore': Donald and Sheri's unfinished love story steals the show as cast restage 'Anything Goes'
Encore cast members [Photo: Disney Plus]

What happens when people meet after nearly half a century? A lot of drama. Quite literally. 

In this week's episode of 'Encore', we see a group of Los Angeles High Schoolers -- Donald, Mark, Anthony, Kenny, Sheri, Jayn, Shevawn, Karen -- come together to re-stage 'Anything Goes,' a musical they had performed in 1975. Even though the cast members were meeting after 45 years, the comfort level was great with everyone getting along each other. 

At the end of the first day, they all sat down for a little chat, catching up on what went down with each other in the decades past. Mark shared that he wanted to help a friend by donating one of his kidneys and while getting some tests done for it, he found out he had cancer but early treatment helped him. Jayn was in awe and acknowledged that it's a blessing that somehow he was aware of his condition before it got worse. Sheri too pitched in and said she had fallen sick a few years ago, which prompted her to pick healthy eating. 

Cut to day 2 where cast members busy themselves in rehearsals and costume trials with the able guidance of director Coy Middlebrook, music director Adam Wachter, and choreographer Brittany Parks. Later, Jayn and Karen chat up to plan their summer cruise, elaborating on how important it is for everyone to keep in touch and occasionally meet. 


However, the highlight of the episode was an emotional confession from Shevawn and the heart-to-heart between Donald and Sheri. Shevawn shared that her firstborn fell really sick in the initial few days post-birth and required blood transfusion. When he was 6-years-old, she found out he had been infected with the AIDS virus and two years later, he passed. But, Shevawn was not heartbroken, just welled up as she said that she understood that there would come a time when she'd be able to fathom all of it. 

Meanwhile, Sheri and Donald enjoy a meal at a diner and remember their old, good times together. Donald has quite the memory as he narrated a detailed account of one night when they danced down the streets of LA. Sheri couldn't recollect those moments, but she did bring up the time when Donald told her how her husband wasn't the right person just before she was to walk down the aisle. He is still in love with her but also understands that there's no scope for any romantic involvement. Let's hope these honest confessions only strengthen their friendship in years to come. 


The episode ended with the cast members putting up a stellar show as the audience appreciated them with the loudest of cheers.

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