‘Empire’ Season 6 finale will unveil some 'magic', Taraji P Henson tells James Corden

‘Empire’ Season 6 finale will unveil some 'magic', Taraji P Henson tells James Corden
Taraji P Henson (Getty Images)

American musical drama ‘Empire’ Season 6 halted production due to the lockdown owing to the novel coronavirus only days before wrapping up its latest installment. As the season finale is only a day away, fans of the show are eager to learn what awaits them in the last episode. 

Taraji P Henson, who essays Cookie Lyon in ‘Empire’ was a part of Monday night’s (April 20) episode of ‘The Late Late Show with James Corden’ home edition. Apart from talking about her character and explaining the reason behind her becoming a fan-favorite, the actress also made a few revelations about the ‘Empire’ Season 6 finale, without giving away spoilers. 

When the host Corden asked what we could expect to witness in the last episode of the current season, Henson was quick to respond that for the first time in her life, she can’t give away anything the finale because she doesn’t know anything about it herself. 

However, the actress was sure that her team would have done some “magic” in post-production stages which is sure to appeal to the audience. 

In the interesting segment, the actress also opened up about her tattoo on the biceps, which reads “The Truth”. When asked what it signifies, she reveals that she’s been called 'Truth' by friends and family quite often and how she just can’t lie. 

She explained that fans love her character Cookie on ‘Empire’ because she’s always “living and talking the truth." Henson further described Cookie as someone who is unafraid and unwavering. 

While not being able to witness the making of the last episode of ‘Empire’ was sad enough for the actress, what broke her heart was the fact that she couldn’t bid goodbye to her crew who has been her family for the last 6 years, as the productions had to be stopped all of a sudden. 

In the rest of the segment, Henson spoke about the free virtual therapy she has started for African American communities who are hard-hit by COVID-19. 

She believes the program will encourage people who are suffering in isolation to speak up about mental issues and seek help for the same through the service she’s providing as the number of cases with mental issues in the Black community is alarming. 

“If you have had reservations before, this is the time to try therapy”, she added. 

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