Emmys 2019: Fans hail Julia Garner's win for 'Ozark' as she beats four 'GoT' actresses to win Best Supporting Actress

As Julia Garner won the Emmys 2019 trophy of Supporting Actress in a Drama Series, it came as a shock for 'Game of Thrones' fans.

                            Emmys 2019: Fans hail Julia Garner's win for 'Ozark' as she beats four 'GoT' actresses to win Best Supporting Actress

At the glamorous 71st Primetime Emmy Awards held on September 22 in Los Angeles, Julia Garner clinched the trophy of Supporting Actress in a Drama Series for her performance as the clever brat Ruth Langmore in 'Ozark'. For 'Game of Thrones' fans, it came as a shock as four actresses — Lena Headey, Sophie Turner, Maisie Williams and Gwendoline Christie — were contending for the award. 

No sooner was the big win for the actress announced, Twitter was full of fan reactions as viewers spilled their thoughts on how Garner is actually a wonderful performer and deserves the award. One user wrote on Twitter, "I do not like Ozark, but I love Julia Garner. I will just pretend that she won this for Maniac or one of the six other things she was great this year. #Emmys," and another one said: "Look, Ozark is bad, but Julia Garner is good, and anything that makes the night more chaotic is fine by me. #Emmys2019!"

Showering compliments on the actress, one of them posted, "Julia Garner beating the Game of Thrones ladies, oh we celebrating tonight," and another one wrote on the micro-blogging site: "Julia Garner is that country ass butch in Ozark and I love it."


"Julia Garner singlehandedly defeats the Game of Thrones juggernaut to win the #Emmy for supporting actress in a drama series for Ozark. Holy smokes," one tweet read, and another sarcastic post said: "Julia Garner stealing this Emmy from the 63 Game of Thrones actresses nominated on their final season is the most Ruth move possible. Ugh, she is so excellent. Ozark is SUCH a good show. #Emmys."

However, many GoT fans were disappointed. "I've loved Julia Garner since GRANDMA, this is so deserved. Still, Lena Headey deserved something for rocking that hair for 4 years. #Emmys," one user posted, and another one said: "Best Supporting Actress in a Drama: Julia Garner. How did this happen? The answer is a GOT vote split." Another fan wanted Christie to take the trophy. She wrote: "Love Julia Garner in Ozark but damn Gwendoline Christie deserved this one."

For Garner, it is her first Emmy award and she totally earned it with her brilliant performance and the audience rooted for her even if they don't like the series. Meanwhile, Peter Dinklage won the supporting actor for 'Game of Thrones' and that seems to be the only big award for the fantasy drama this year. 

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