Emmys 2018: 10 Most memorable moments of all time

Emmys 2018: They came, they saw, they conquered, but somewhere out favorite stars created some unforgettable moments of laughter, tears, and joy.

                            Emmys 2018: 10 Most memorable moments of all time

Emmys 2018: We love everything about the Emmys - the red carpet appearances, the coveted guest list and of course, the awards. But what truly makes it worth all our time are the moments that remain etched in our minds. While we remain hooked to our screens, hoping that our favorite TV show or star takes the trophy home, certain comic reliefs are always welcome in such tense moments. 

Over the years the Emmys have given us several memorable moments both off and on-stage. As we anxiously wait to find out who takes the award home this year (while some of our favorite stars entertain us with their hilarious mishaps) here are a few honorable mentions from Emmys through the years.

1. Ricky Gervais wants his Emmys back

Ricky Gervais has always been at the top of the game when it comes to some quick-witted humor. The Brit once again managed to turn the award ceremony into something hilarious when he stepped up on stage in 2008, claiming that he has returned to get back his Emmys.

Gervais, 57, was unable to attend the 2007 awards night at which he won the Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series for his portrayal of Andy Millman in the second series of 'Extras.' Joking that he was going "off-script," the Brit claimed for the return of his award which Steve Carrell had apparently held hostage. 

Here's a short glimpse at Gervais' - "I've come to take it back" moment:

2. Stephen Colbert's savage mode

Remember the time when Stephen Colbert, along with Jon Stewart, walked up on stage to present the award for Best Reality/Competition show? Well, then you must also remember Colbert's smashing greeting to the audience: "Good evening, godless sodomites." Turning his SAVAGE mode on, Colbert simply couldn't give up on the fact that he had lost to singer Barry Manilow for his TV Special, 'Barry Manilow: Music and Passion.' 

Listen to the most hilarious tirade at the ceremony below:

3. Michael Douglas' awkward jokes at Matt Damon

Winning the first Emmy is always overwhelming and more, after probably after being nominated for five times. However, Douglas took his victory to a whole new level. After winning an award for 'Behind the Candelabra', Douglas made some rib-tickling jokes directed at colleague and actor Matt Damon. To the man who had played his lover in the movie, Douglas exclaimed, "This is a two-hander, and Matt you' re only as good as your other hand." Needless to say, Damon surely blushed at the compliment (maybe!). 

Watch the hilariously wonderful moment right here:

4. Ellen hosts the Emmy after 9/11

The show must always go on. Post 9/11, the Emmys was canceled twice. However, when Ellen took the stage she made sure that the mood was set right back in; the show truly took place on November 4. The ceremonial night reached its peak of success when the now-60-year-old comedian satirized the attacks and the Afghan war by stating, "What would upset the Taliban more than a gay woman wearing a suit in front of a room full of Jews?”

Watch Ellen's crafted performance and genuine humor from the 2001 ceremony right below:

5. Meryl Streep's acceptance speech on winning 

Every time the Devil walks up on stage in her Prada, her address leaves everyone speechless. On winning the 2004 award for 'Angels in America,' Streep's savage response to Trump's tweet is probably the most dubious slap on the face of the (present) President of the United States. On being called as the most overrated actress by Trump, the 'Julie and Julia' actress slit the throat with a sweet knife as she claimed, "You know, there are some days when I, myself, think I'm overrated... but not today." 

Listen to her entire acceptance speech below. The woman hits the note just right: 

6. Alec Baldwin dedicates his Emmy to Trump

Trump has been a favorite of probably every single star in Hollywood (especially Streep and Robert DeNiro) when it comes to throwing some pancake on the face. In his acceptance speech for the award which he received for impersonating the (now) President, Baldwin dedicated the award to the beloved Trump.

At the 69th Primetime Emmy Awards, Alec Baldwin had won the award for Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series for his role as Donald Trump on 'Saturday Night Live.' The former 'Jack Ryan' star took a step further when he claimed that his perpetually pregnant wife didn't conceive the child during the previous year's 'SNL' season. 

Watch Baldwin take it nice and slow on the President:

7. 'Stranger Things' kids take over Uptown Funk

We all know by now that the 'Stranger Things' kids are lit AF even off-screen, and three of the stars- Millie Bobby Brown, Gaten Matarazzo, and Caleb McLaughlin- took over the stage at the 2016 Emmy Awards right before the telecast with their own rendition of Bruno Mars' punk track 'Uptown Funk.' As adorable as they could be, the three made some cool moves and were pretty impressive in front of the entire audience. 

Watch the three groove to the song here:

8. Tori Kelly's rendition of 'Hallelujah'

At the 2016 awards ceremony, Tori Kelly's performance of Leonard Cohen's 'Hallelujah' at the "In Memoriam" segment had moved everyone to tears. Recalling some of the greatest legends in the industry, like David Bowie, Prince, Gene Wilder,  and Alan Rickman, Kelly's version was just as soothing as her predecessors. 

Listen to the heart-warming track below:

9. Jeffrey Tambor speaks out for transgender performers

Just as much as the Emmys has been a platform to speak out against injustice, comedian Jeffrey Tambor who took home the award for Outstanding Actor in a Comedy Series for the second year in a row for his performance in Amazon's 'Transparent,' stood up for all those whose voices weren't heard. On accepting his award, Tambor addressed to Hollywood asking it to "give transgender talent a chance, give them auditions, give them their stories," adding that he would "not be unhappy" were he be"the last cisgender man to play a female transgender on TV."

Watch his powerful speech here:

10. Kit Harrington hits on Kyle Chandler

During the 2016 award-ceremony Jon Snow...oh no, his real name is Kit Harrington...had revealed his plan for the next year's Emmys. Kit confessed that he would love to kiss Kyle Chandler. although Jon Snow might know nothing, Kit certainly has his own way of wooing people around him. Let's admit it who would ever say a no to the King in the North!

Watch Kit confess his "attraction" for Kyle here:



Well, let's see what this years' would bring alone!

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