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#EmmanuelDontDoIt: Naughty emu takes social media by storm as it videobombs farmer Taylor Blake's videos

Taylor's vibrant farm bird who 'changed her life' has helped her amass a huge fan following on TikTok
Taylor Blake often posts pictures and videos of her rebellious emu on Instagram (Knuckle Bump Farms/ Instagram)
Taylor Blake often posts pictures and videos of her rebellious emu on Instagram (Knuckle Bump Farms/ Instagram)

You've probably been living under a rock if you still do not know about Emmanuel, the mischievous emu! Taylor Blake, a Florida farmer, routinely makes educational videos about her farm furries. This one emu is always looking for trouble and hogs all of the social media's attention as he tries to video bomb her. Poking his beak at the lens and making unsolicited appearances on them has become its favorite pastime. While he frequently gets the farm owner shouting, "Don't do it, Emmanuel," social media cannot get enough of the chirpy bird.

Taylor Blake, who describes herself as a "Jesus loving, mildly funny, lesbian" on her social media profile, is a farm worker on Knuckle Bump Farms, a hobby farm in South Florida. She is also a content creator for the farm and uploads content on its animals, educating everyone about them. A viral video with more than 19 million views features a hapless Taylor asking Emmanuel to stop interrupting her.


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A compilation with all of Taylor's requests has made it to Twitter with the trending hashtag #EmmanuelDontDoIt. The unstoppable emu has helped the farms' TikTok account garner almost 700K followers. Taylor often posts on the farms' Instagram account pictures of her and her rebellious friend. In a recent post, she gave Emmanuel credit for the bird that "changed her life". The duo has gathered quite a dedicated following from far and wide. Memes, jokes, and pictures of them have started making rounds, and social media is swooning over them.


In one of their videos, Emmanuel keeps poking at the camera's lens, and a tired Taylor gathers just enough energy to say, "How does that make you feel? Was it everything that you ever wanted and hoped for in life? Do you feel fulfilled now?" The bird pokes the camera till it falls to the ground and looks very satisfied as it continues to stare at the lens. Taylor has also promised "Don't do it, Emmanuel" merchandise to their fans. The farm's population is known to be a vibrant bunch, with deer, cows, and other emus all taking turns to disturb Taylor's videos. The others, however, are more obedient. Some fans call the emu their "favorite guy in social media 😍" and storm the farms' comments every time it makes an appearance.


Twitter user Abbie Getty said, "I just.... love this dumb bird so much. He may not be the hero we deserve but he is the hero we need. #EmmanuelDontDoIt."


Shriti Arora probably said what would resonate with many Emmanuel fans: "I want Emmanuel's mother to become the voice inside my head and guide me throughout life as she guides #EmmanuelTheEmu." 




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Some fans also noted how the bird spreads positivity and cheer daily on their timelines, and the synergy between Taylor and Emmanuel is absolutely adorable.