Emma Watson spotted kissing wealthy new beau Brendan Wallace while on a romantic getaway

Emma Watson and her new man Brendan Wallace were seen passionately kissing while away on a romantic getaway

                            Emma Watson spotted kissing wealthy new beau Brendan Wallace while on a romantic getaway
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Emma Watson was seen kissing the handsome businessman Brendan Wallace while the new couple was on a romantic getaway to Mexico. The pair was seen sitting close together and chatting quietly while they sipped on cocktails and had a quiet lunch. 

The couple looked very much in love as they sat across from each other. Emma was seen leaning in to share a kiss with tech CEO Brendan Wallace as the couple spoke. Brendan was seen reciprocating the feeling and he gently held her face as they kissed. After the couple had finished their cocktails, they got out of the restaurant. Emma sported a casual look and was seen in cut-off jean shorts, a striped shirt, and a baseball cap which she wore backward over her head. 

Emma Watson (Source: Getty Images)

Brendan Wallace is a Princeton graduate and also has an MBA from Standford University. He started out as an investment banker at Goldman Sachs and he went on to work in a real estate private equity before he started his own business. He is the co-founder of Cabify which is the Latin American version of Uber. Wallace is also the co-founder and partner of Fifth Wall which is an investment company. 

Watson is taking a break from her latest role which is a remake of 'Little Women.' She'll be playing the role of her eldest sister Meg March in Greta Gerwig's adaptation of the Louisa May Alcott novel. 

Emma was previously linked to Chord Overstreet and was last seen with him in late June when the former couple was seen passionately kissing in Los Angeles. Emma and Chord met when Emma's two-year-long relationship with tech manager William Knight ended. 

As reported by Daily Mail, last year in an interview, Emma Watson shared that she would never talk about relationships publicly and explained, "I've noticed, in Hollywood, who you're dating gets tied up into your film promotion and becomes part of the performance and the circus. I would hate anyone that I were with to feel like they were in any way part of a show or an act." 

She also spoke to Vanity Fair in 2017 and shared, "I can't talk about my boyfriend in an interview and then expect people not to take paparazzi pictures of me walking around outside my home. You can't have it both ways."