Eminem says he's proud 24-year-old daughter Hailie finished college and has 'no babies'

Eminem says he's proud 24-year-old daughter Hailie finished college and has 'no babies'
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Rapper Eminem is a 15 time Grammy Award winner but believes that his greatest accomplishment is raising his children. 

The 47-year-old rapper praised his 24-year-old daughter Hailie Mathers and also gushed over raising her and two of his nieces while speaking to Mike Tyson on his Hotboxin' podcast. While speaking about Hailie, Eminem spoke about how proud he is of her. 

The 'Rap God' rapper said of his daughter, Hailie, "No babies, she has a boyfriend, but she’s doing good. She’s made me proud for sure. She’s graduated from college."

Hailie is Eminem's daughter with former wife Kim Scott, 45.

Hailie graduated from Michigan State University with a degree in psychology in 2018. While at MSU, she met her current boyfriend Evan McClintock who is often seen on her Instagram page. After graduating from college, Hailie shared many pictures where she followed her father to festivals he was performing at.

During the interview, Eminem added, "I have a niece that I have helped raise too that’s pretty much like a daughter to me, and she is 26. And I have a younger one that’s 17 now. So when I think about my accomplishments, that’s probably the thing I’m the most proud of is being able to raise kids." 

Eminem shared his greatest accomplishment was raising his children (Getty Images) 

For the rap megastar, keeping his children grounded was very important given his level of fame. "It’s important to keep your kids grounded when they’re in a situation like I have, it’s very important," he revealed.

He also spoke about his difficult childhood and shared that money does not buy happiness. "As a kid never felt like I was good enough, no matter what I did," he said. "It’s a psychological thing for anyone who feels worthless in this world. Anybody that feels that and then finds something they’re actually good at, that’s what makes somebody go for that so hard."

"People also think that money just buys happiness, [but] that absolutely is not the truth. You’ve got to be right inside otherwise none of this s–t means nothing," the 'Lose Yourself' rapper shared.

Back in 2018, Hailie had spoken to Daily Mail about her special bond with her father. When asked if he was supportive of her, she shared, "Of course, we are very close." Her boyfriend Evan is a fan of Eminem who is reportedly very approving of the relationship. 

However, a source close to Hailie shared, "Marshall was just hitting the big time at the age Evan is now, making headlines for his shocking lyrics and toxic relationship with Kim. Evan studied economics and is a keen golfer, there's a huge difference!" 

"Hailie's family have welcomed Evan, they are a fantastic young couple who love cozy nights in rather than hard partying. Hailie wanted to test the waters by sharing some of her life on Instagram but is not yet ready to fully put herself out there. She enjoys keeping a low profile, walking her dog and going to fitness classes, hanging out with her friends and holidaying with Evan. She had a normal life at university and was in a sorority, she was popular and focused hard on her studies," the insider revealed.

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