Who is Emily Ratajkowski's husband Sebastian Bear-McClard? A look at 2-year relationship and surprise wedding

Emily and Sebastian, may have dated for only a few weeks, but knew each other for a long time before getting married in February 2018

                            Who is Emily Ratajkowski's husband Sebastian Bear-McClard? A look at 2-year relationship and surprise wedding
Emily Ratajkowski and Sebastian Bear-McClard (Getty Images)

While the rest of the world is quarantining at home sporting comfy pajamas and attending endless zoom call conferences, supermodel Emily Ratajkowski’s version of quarantining is a tad bit different.

The supermodel, who is currently in quarantine with her husband Sebastian Bear-McClard in New York, is using this time to flood her social media with racy images of herself.
The supermodel seems to have decided to take a small break from posting steamy images by stepping out with her husband for walking their dog, Colombo. The brunette beauty was spotted in an oversized jacket and sweatpants on Saturday, April 4. The supermodel eventually unzipped her jacket to reveal a plain white crop top which showed off her midriff as they walked their dog.

The couple has been married for two years now. Emily surprised the world when she announced her marriage on Instagram in 2018. She married her then-boyfriend of a few weeks in a secret wedding at City Hall. Sebastian, 33, is an award-winning Indie film producer, who has produced movies like ‘Good Time’ which starred Robert Pattinson, ‘Heaven Knows What’, and ‘Still Life’. He has his own production house, Elara Pictures which he co-founded with the Safdie brothers (Josh and Benny Safdie).

Josh Ostrovsky aka The Fat Jew, Sebastian Bear-McClard and Emily Ratajkowski attend the Pink Party III Hosted By BABE And Tarte at Villian on February 23, 2019 in Brooklyn, New York. (Photo by Chance Yeh/Getty Images for BABE)

The couple got married on February 23, 2018, after just weeks of dating. Emily and Sebastian were first spotted together on Valentine's day in 2018, just weeks after Emily broke up with her then-boyfriend Jeff Magid. Their small, intimate wedding ceremony was attended only by the couple’s close friends. Internet celebrity The Fat Jew, whose real name is Josh Ostrovsky, happens to be Sebastian’s best friend, attended the couple’s wedding.

In an interview with Vanity Fair, Emily revealed that she took Josh’s help to throw off the media from getting any whiff of her plans by trying to trick the reporters into thinking it was Josh’s wedding and she was a guest. But unfortunately, her plan failed, and she had to reveal the news of her marriage on her Instagram after her publicist informed her that news of her wedding was about to break, and it would be best if she announced it herself before any news outlet reported it. But before announcing the big news to the world, Emily had to inform two very important people about her marriage — her parents. In an interview with the Daily Mail, Josh joked about how he knew about her wedding before her parents.

Emily and Sebastian may have dated for only a few weeks, but have known each other for a long time. Emily once shared that her husband jokes to everybody saying that Emily vetted him for two years before they got married. The couple’s unconventional relationship also has a very unconventional proposal story to go alongside. During her appearance on Jimmy Fallon Show, Emily shared how Sebastian proposed to her. She explained, “He proposed to me at Minetta Tavern [in New York City], and he didn’t have a ring, so I was like, “Mmm, nah.” And then he took the paper clip that the bill was paid with and made me a ring, which I actually thought was really romantic.”

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