'Emily in Paris' Season 1 Ending Explained: Who will Emily choose between Gabriel and Mathieu in Season 2?

'Emily in Paris' Season 1 Ending Explained: Who will Emily choose between Gabriel and Mathieu in Season 2?

Spoilers for Netflix's 'Emily in Paris'

When Emily Cooper (Lily Collins) arrives in Paris for a brand-new dream job, she is ready to take on the world. Her enthusiasm and zest might have turned the world around in this new city and brought real-life problems with moving cities for 20-somethings to doubt themselves, but Emily simply has it all. Or does she?

In this "love, fashion and passion" romantic comedy, Emily is in for a ride of a lifetime as she navigates a difficult boss in Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu as Sylvie, unending work, dilemmas to do with the matter of the heart, and a rude landlady, all with the support from her new BFF Mindy Chen (a sadly underutilized Ashley Park). As her romantic affairs continue to stack upon each other, she can't help but stop thinking about the first guy who took her fancy in this new city -- Gabriel (Lucas Bravo), the charming chef from downstairs. The world is (astonishingly somehow) falling at Emily's feet but she can't get enough of Gabriel. 

Over the course of the series, as she moves from one affair to another, Gabriel is always there -- obviously with his girlfriend Camille (Camille Razat). When Emily had kissed Gabriel, she hadn't known that the 'faux amis' is dating Gabriel. She also doesn't know that they are having relationship problems due to Camille's overbearing mother who wishes to fund Gabriel's dream restaurant in the middle of the city. A self-respecting man, Gabriel doesn't want to take any help and finds himself at the receiving end of a lot of jabs. Eventually, he decides to move back to his hometown in Normandy and open a restaurant that is within his budget. And so, Camille and Gabriel break up. 

Now since it was his last night in the city, Gabriel and Emily spend the night together but wake up to decide that they won't continue the charade. Emily then drags herself sad and morose across the city to her office. Here, Sylvie tells her that she isn't fired -- remember when Pierre Cadault (Jean-Christophe Bouvet) canceled his show at the Paris Fashion Week? -- and is here to stay. 

Emily, who would have ideally been worried about this, can't stop thinking about Gabriel. But hey, the show had already established that "happy endings are very American," and it is now here to prove that true. On her way back, she finds Antoine Lambert (William Abadie) outside the restaurant where Gabriel worked as a chef. As it turns out, Antoine is willing to back Gabriel in the restaurant making them two business partners now! So now, Gabriel is here to stay!

Just then Emily receives a text from Camille regarding the same news and asking to meet. What has Camille to discuss with Emily? Would she know about the previous night? Or is Gabriel keen on getting back with her since Emily doesn't want to? These are questions only Season 2 will have to answer. 

But this is 'Emily in Paris' by 'Sex and the City' creator Darren Star. Emily has a promising weekend with the rich and charming Mathieu Cadault (Charles Martins) and they are just two days away to get to know each other. He is everything that a woman would want in a man. Does Emily want him too? Will she be away for the weekend or stay back in the city for Gabriel?

All episodes of 'Emily in Paris' are currently streaming on Netflix. 

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