Emilia Clarke bids farewell to 'Game of Thrones' as she heads to her 'home away from home' for one last time

Emilia Clarke shared the post after attending the London show of Beyonce and Jay-Z’s OTR II Tour on Friday

                            Emilia Clarke bids farewell to 'Game of Thrones' as she heads to her 'home away from home' for one last time
Emilia Clarke (Source: Getty Images)

As millions of fans wait for the final season of HBO's 'Game of Thrones' in 2019, it is probably time to wrap our heads around the fact that the favorite actors will soon be saying their farewell. Emilia Clarke became the first member of the cast to officially say goodbye to the show. 

Khaleesi took to her Instagram to convey her farewell to her fans: "Hopped on a boat to an island to say goodbye to the land that has been my home away from home for almost a decade. It’s been a trip @gameofthrones thank you for the life I never dreamed I’d be able to live and the family I’ll never stop missing #💔#lastseasonitis."

The Times reported that, after attending the London show of Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s OTR II Tour on Friday, Emilia Clarke booked her way back to Ireland to say her final farewell to the show's most prominent shooting location.

Emilia Clarke has achieved zenith of stardom through her character Daenerys Targaryen, who (a lot like her) has seen an upward climb in her character development from being a pawn to a conqueror who has made some of the greatest rulers of Westeros "bend the knee" in front of the Queen of the Andals, the Rhoynar, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, Breaker of Chains and the Mother of Dragons.

Variety notes that as the Protector of the Seven Kingdoms has risen to power, so has Clarke. The article quotes one of her close friends Rose Leslie (who plays the wildling Ygritte) saying, the journey is "important and inspiring-particularly now, in our climate... She’s at the forefront of representing independent women.”

Clarke's Instagram account was flooded with love as several 'Game of Thrones' stars responded to her farewell message. Jason Momoa, who plays Khal Drogo in Season 1, send out his love as a response to her tweet. John Bradley West, who plays Samuel Tarly, also stated the that the journey with her has been incredible. Lena Headey, whose character Cersei Lannister clearly wants to chop off the Dragon Queen's head in the series, has hash-tagged "this is the end" in her comment. 

Although the current series is coming to an end, George RR Martin had confirmed last week that a prequel to the show will certainly take place where none of the present characters will be seen. Instead, it will take the viewers back 12,000 years to the times when the First Men and the Children of the Forest began the war over land, and the White Walkers were born.