'Emergence' Finale: Jo's love for Piper puts Alex's life in danger, but nothing prepares her for Benny's betrayal

'Emergence' Finale: Jo's love for Piper puts Alex's life in danger, but nothing prepares her for Benny's betrayal

Spoilers ahead for 'Emergence' Episode 9 'Where You Belong'

The midseason finale episode of 'Emergence' which aired today has left us craving for its next offering by showcasing the least expected twist and we couldn’t stop heaping the creators with praise for pulling it off just the right way!

The previous episode of ABC's mystery-thriller teased us with many possibilities. However, it seems like it saved the best for last, which worked brilliantly for the show by lifting it just when it was being subjected to criticism for going downhill with its plot.

In 'Where You Belong', Jo learns about Helen and her true intentions, when the latter approaches the police chief's father in the pretext of offering a permanent cure to his disease, but demands that Piper surrenders in return.

Jo, being as plucky as she has always been, joins hands with her former husband and the FBI to stage a plan, which they think would help them capture Helen.

Jo's love for Piper is such that not only does she deny the fact that the little girl isn't a human, but she also goes to the extent of letting an unarmed Alex meet with Helen, despite being aware of the perils.


However, Jo's efforts go in vain when Helen manages to escape by diving off the bridge into the water. Yet again, Jo's under-preparedness fails her miserably. However, it doesn't end there.

When Helen escapes, Jo calls Benny, who was at the time home watching her family, asking him to take everybody to the station as Helen and her bunch of people in black masks are on the lookout for the AI.

However, poor Jo who blindly trusted Benny all along isn’t aware of his true identity. Towards the end of the episode, Benny tricks Piper into going with him and much to our dismay surrenders the AI to Helen.

On seeing a similar blue light emit from both Benny and Helen's arms, Piper realizes that they are also one of her kind. 'Where You Belong' totally blew our minds and we are waiting with bated breath for 'Emergence' to make a comeback soon.


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