'Emergence' Episode 12 Preview: Helen wants to replicate Piper's powers while Benny tries to win Jo's trust

'Emergence' Episode 12 Preview: Helen wants to replicate Piper's powers while Benny tries to win Jo's trust
Rowena King as Helen (ABC)

As the mystery-thriller series 'Emergence' is nearing its end, by each passing episode we are wondering if the goodwill ever triumph over evil, especially now that Jo Evans (Allison Tolman) has an uphill battle to fight against the ultimate villain to save little Piper (Alexa Swinton). 

In the previous episode titled 'Applied Sciences', Jo succeeds in bringing Piper home but fails to understand the potential of her new enemy, who has set on a killing spree to get hold of the AI. The episode ended with Agent Brooks collapsing to the ground, while Emily (Maria Dizzia) stood at a distance, possibly working her own plan to escape. 

Although for a brief moment we were convinced that Emily was genuinely trying to help Jo in the pursuit of Piper, the preview of Episode 12 'Killshot Pt 1' shows her in a different light. She is seen sitting opposite Helen (Rowena King) sporting a smile, as the head of the Splinter states she wants to replicate Piper's powers. 

So far we have learned that the Splinter have been building AIs for more than 15 years. The previous episode also established Helen as one of the most influential entities as she was shown to have ties with the defense unit, which she easily broke into even under the watch of the guards. 

She is ruthless as it is. And now, Jo's willingness to wage a war has further triggered Helen to make Piper hers by any means. Going by the preview, in the upcoming episode, we might get to see Emily and Helen collectively fight Jo, as both the souls are driven by the same motive. But, it remains to be seen if their common goal to catch Piper would end up turning them against each other. 

'Killshot Pt 1' also sees Benny Gallagher begging for Jo's forgiveness as he says he wants to help her. However, Jo having experienced Benny's betrayal once might have to take a moment to think through it before blindly laying her trust in anyone. 

However, out of desperation, Jo might have to seek Benny's help while fighting Helen, as he was one of her allies, who seems to know exactly what her most-talked about 'plan' is, which none has been able to comprehend so far. 

Episode 12 of 'Emergence' will air on January 21 on ABC.


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 Emergence Episode 12 Preview Helen wishes replicate Piper powers Benny tries win Jo trust Killshot