Will 'Elseworlds' introduce Batman in the Arrowverse? All about CW's annual crossover event

Will 'Elseworlds' introduce Batman in the Arrowverse? All about CW's annual crossover event

In less than a month's time, DC's superhero shows - especially the trinity 'Arrow,' 'The Flash,' and 'Supergirl' - will be returning on The CW with brand new seasons, making way for the much-anticipated Arrowverse crossover event of 2018.

Supposed to unfold over three nights in December (Dec 9, 10, and 11) the crossover special will not only align the three separate storylines but also introduce some gigantic plot twists that will decide the fate of the DC heroes in the remaining half of the season. Naturally, anticipation has been running high amongst fans. And in order to keep this buzz alive, the network recently released the official title of the Arrowverse crossover - 'Elseworlds.'

In the context of DC comics, 'Elseworlds' basically refers to the imprint that ran between 1989 and 2010.  This particular section usually dealt with "what if..." scenarios and comic book stories that took place outside of the DC Universe canon. Indeed a weighty title and a worthy successor to previous crossover titles like 2016’s 'Invasion!' and 2017's 'Crisis on Earth-X,' not much is known about the 'Elseworlds' events that unfold back-to-back, starting from Sunday and continuing through Tuesday.



"It's OFFICIAL! This year's #DCTV crossover event will be titled "Elseworlds," coming to @CW_TheFlash, @CW_Arrow and @TheCWSupergirl this December! #Elseworlds," the official Twitter account of DC Comics announced, adding, "Chaos is coming." Well, this certainly adds to the hype surrounding the annual event when considering the reference in terms of Green Arrow, The Fash, and Supergirl's involvement in the crossover. 

So far, all we know about the storyline is that a certain Dr. John Deegan’s (Jeremy Davies) working at the Arkham Asylum is going to bring the Flash (Grant Gustin), the Arrow (Stephen Amell), and Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) to Gotham City - the same iconic city which is closely related to all Batman comics. 


Ironically enough, Arrowverse has somehow avoided directly tackling the Batman plot, although multiple references to the existence of the dark knight have been made at different points. Now with the impending CW crossover event and the upcoming introduction of characters like Batwoman (Ruby Rose) Lois Lane (Elizabeth Tulloch), and Superman (Tyler Hoechlin) - all signs are pointing towards the Gotham city. 

Does this mean Arrowverse is ready to play its Bat-card soon? Our best bet is to wait until December 9, when the CW crossover kicks off.

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