Ellie Soutter: Family releases a smiling photo of the young snowboarder taken a few days before she killed herself

It is difficult for people to believe that Soutter died. Deborah, Ellie's coach believes that something must have happened the night before her birthday for her to take such a step

                            Ellie Soutter: Family releases a smiling photo of the young snowboarder taken a few days before she killed herself
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Ellie Soutter's picture that was taken a month before she committed suicide shows the young teenager beaming with happiness as she chatted with her friends and family during a wedding. As reported by Daily Mail, Soutter, a rising star of snowboarding was found dead in the French resort of Les Gets last week. On Thursday (August 2), the photograph will sit on top of her coffin at her funeral. After the funeral, her ashes will be scattered on Mont Chéry, her favorite mountain. Soutter, who turned 18th on the same day she committed suicide, was found in the French woodlands near her home. The news of her death was confirmed by her father, Tony Soutter in an emotional Facebook post. 

Taking to Facebook, Tony remembered his beautiful daughter in a sweet message. “This cruel world took my soul mate and ‘Bessie’ from me yesterday on her 18th birthday," he wrote. “I was so proud of the beautiful young woman she had turned into. Ellie, I will miss you more than you could have ever imagined. Rest in peace you little champion! He further added that the family was hosting a toast for the life Ellie lived and encouraged others to join. 

"For those who would like to toast her amazing short life we will be raising a glass in memory of her this Friday 6.30pm at the Crychar Les Gets.” The  British Olympic Association also paid their respects to Soutter as chairman Hugh Robertson and athlete commission chairman Ben Hawes came forward saying, "Ellie was an incredibly popular and well-liked member of the team. Our thoughts are with her family and friends at this sad time," he further noted. 

Her uncle, Jeremy also remembered his niece's sweet and caring nature. "She was her bubbly, effervescent self at the wedding. She enjoyed it so much," he said.  "She was in great spirits and was really just the lovely Ellie that she is. You could never have anticipated this."

Even her coach, Déborah Anthonioz, who trained with the rising star extensively and shared a relationship of “more girlfriends than coach and student,” recalled the loss of her great student while talking to People. Déborah recalled that she spoke to Soutter just three days before her tragic death. “There was no sign of anything wrong,” she said. “She was very determined, highly motivated, she had everything going for her. She was getting a big sponsor. Everything was falling into place. Every day I am less able to believe this has happened. Ellie was full of life, and always smiling.” She noted that everyone who knew Soutter was shocked to hear the news of her death because nothing seemed wrong. 

“It was impossible to understand,” she added. “Everyone who saw her Tuesday evening says she has stopped her practice a little early because she was tired but that otherwise, she seemed fine. There was no sign that she wasn’t well. She was very happy to be training for the Junior World Championship in New Zealand later this summer." She speculated that "something must have happened." "I don’t know what. Something must have happened Tuesday night," she said.