‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’: Ellie Goulding performs new song from her bathroom, fans say she ‘killed it’

‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’: Ellie Goulding performs new song from her bathroom, fans say she ‘killed it’
Ellie Goulding (Getty Images)

As the death toll from the novel coronavirus continues to surge, people across the world have no choice but to continue staying cooped up in their homes. Doing their bit in offering entertainment and spreading joy, several celebrities are gracing our screens from their respective homes. 

Similarly, tonight’s  (May 5) episode of ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ home edition offered one such fun-filled segment by bringing the ‘Killing Eve’ actress  Sandra Oh and Ellie Goulding to join the host, Kimmel. 

The first half of the episode saw Oh cherish her Canadian roots as she indulged in ‘Is It Canadian’? quiz game with Kimmel, during which she had to guess if the things out on display by the host were Canadian inventions or not. 

Thanks to her knowledge of Canada, the ‘Grey’s Anatomy’  actress was able to tell that Zamboni Machine wasn’t a Canadian investigation although it was obvious from the name and even guessed it right that the Hawaain Pizza was first made in her native country. 

When asked if she has been in touch with her friends and family during the lockdown, Oh said that she’s been connecting with a lot of people and said the situation has only seen her relationship with everyone get deeper. 

After the ‘Killing Eve’ actress concluded her segment, Kimmel surprised fans with a live performance by Goulding from her bathroom. 

While neither Kimmel or Goulding explained her choice of location, fans can’t stop raving about her live performance. 

Clad in a striped blue suit with hair tied up, Goulding performed her new ‘Worry About Me’ with the use of guitar and a few more electronic instruments. 

While one fans asked if the singer was really singing from her bathroom another added to that, “Did anyone record @elliegoulding on Jimmy kimmel?”

Another excited fan wrote, “@elliegoulding performing from her toilet we have no choice but to stan this iconic queen”.

“Ellie Goulding looks effortlessly chic in a pin-striped blue suit” and “@elliegoulding you killed it damn” read a few more comments. 

‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ airs on all the weekdays on ABC. you can also catch all the latest home edition episodes on Jimmy Kimmel’s official YouTube channel. 

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