'Ellen's Game of Games': Did host jump the gun and mess up 'Know or Go'? Fans call it 'an honest mistake'

'Ellen's Game of Games': Did host jump the gun and mess up 'Know or Go'? Fans call it 'an honest mistake'
Ellen DeGeneres (NBC)

'Ellen's Game of Games' Season 4 is in its second episode and has already sparked debate on whether host Ellen DeGeneres is being fair in eliminating contestants. This week, one of the gamers, who lined up with for a round of 'Know or Go,' didn't think he would be experiencing a free fall so soon in the game. 

According to the rules stated by Ellen, if a contestant gives the incorrect answer his/her opponent will get a chance to guess and if they get it right, they win. Fans are now of the opinion that Ellen accidentally dropped the contestant who wasn't able to answer the question correctly at first. 

Fans took notice of the goof up and started a debate on whether it was an honest mistake or was Ellen too excited to press the button that sent the contestant down the tube?

"Ellen messed up know or go tonight! Dropped the guy instead of seeing if other contestant could answer. She definitely made the boo boo," a fan commented on the show's Facebook page, while another posted: "Dang! sudden drop was messed up dropped to fast!!!"


"I thought it was just me but I’m glad I’m not the only one that thought she messed up. Even when she said the rules she said if you get it wrong your opponent has a chance to answer and if they get it right they win. She was so excited she hit that button too fast. Honest mistake I think, wonder how they make it up to him," a user shared. "Well Riley got the bums rush in Know or Go----he got sent down the tube before we knew if the other contestant knew the right answer on sudden drop....never seen Ellen not play the game right, but she didn't tonight!," another pointed out.

"Did anyone notice that on the no or go game when it went down to 2 people sudden drop Ellen said if you miss a question your opponent will have a chance to win. Usually, if someone misses a question when it is down to 2 the opponent has to get the question right for her to drop the first guy but she dropped the first guy right away," a user wrote.


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