Photos of Ellen's golden baby stroller for Melania when Barron was born surfaces after Bush fiasco

Melania is seen holding Barron and pushing the customized golden baby carriage with a built-in chandelier inside Trump's penthouse.

                            Photos of Ellen's golden baby stroller for Melania when Barron was born surfaces after Bush fiasco
Ellen DeGeneres (Getty Images)

Just days after Ellen DeGeneres was chastised by a number of her fans and celebrity friends for hanging out with former President George W. Bush, who is often referred to as a "war criminal", at the Dallas Cowboys game on October 6, a photo of a golden stroller that she gifted Melania Trump after her son Barron was born in 2006, has surfaced.

The photo was dug up by The Cut from a 13-year-old People magazine slideshow, which showed Melania Trump wearing a lacy, spaghetti strap dress, as she hugged a newborn Barron close to her chest and with her other hand, pushed the customized golden baby carriage, with a built-in chandelier inside Trump's penthouse, whose surroundings matched the shine of Ellen's luxurious present.

President Donald Trump disembarks from Marine One on the South Lawn with First Lady Melania Trump and his son Barron, after returning to the White House on Aug. 19, 2018 in Washington, D.C. (Getty Images)

The slideshow was titled 'Exclusive! Baby Trump at Home' and the caption accompanying the picture read, "In the Trumps’ $100 million triplex penthouse, gifts from friends – including a golden stroller complete with its own chandelier (courtesy of Ellen DeGeneres) and gazillions of onesies – greeted Barron’s arrival."

Melania told the publication at the time about the stroller: "It’s fun. It makes you laugh.” The Cut heavily criticized the baby carriage, fixed with a mini chandelier - which unlike mobiles in normal strollers, doesn’t even play music, or spin for the baby's entertainment - being gifted by Ellen to an infant Barron, especially at an age when he could not even understand the uniqueness of his gift.

The chandelier also seemed unnecessarily dangerous as any hard nudge could risk it getting dislodged from its spot and could end up falling on a sleeping baby.

It might as well be the reason Melania chose to carry Barron in her arms as she posed with the stroller, instead of placing him inside the carriage. In present times, Ellen is constantly seen rebuking President Trump and his policies, often openly on her daytime show, just like many of her counterparts. 

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