Ellen DeGeneres and 'frustrated' Portia de Rossi attended marriage counseling to stop 'fighting more than ever'

One fight was allegedly witnessed by the studio crew and neither DeGeneres nor Rossi thought their relationship would survive

                            Ellen DeGeneres and 'frustrated' Portia de Rossi attended marriage counseling to stop 'fighting more than ever'
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Along with claims of Ellen DeGeneres being mean to her employees as well as guests on her famous talk show, there are also rumors floating of her wife, Portia de Rossi planning to divorce her. Although the rumor is yet to be authenticated, reports of the couple's problems in marriage have been on the rounds for quite some time now. 

Three years ago, a tabloid claimed that the pair attended a couple’s counseling to mend their relationship after they were constantly fighting with each other. Visiting a marriage counselor was the couple's effort to keep their marriage alive. In a 2017 Life&Style magazine article, an insider said that the couple tried their best to bring their relationship back on track by seeking the help of a relationship expert. “Ellen has been in counseling, both solo and with Portia,” the source said. “Part of their therapy is to go on more date nights. That’s why they’ve been seen out and about more together lately.”

DeGeneres and Rossi were told to spend as much quality time with each other as possible. As a result, the couple was spotted at the time holding hands while shopping along Melrose Avenue and at a pre-Oscars party. “It’s all about spending quality time together, but still giving each other space during the workday,” the source added.

Apparently, both of them had been fighting a lot and one such fight was allegedly witnessed by the studio crew. Neither DeGeneres nor Rossi thought that their relationship would survive. 

TV personality Ellen DeGeneres (L) and actress Portia de Rossi attend The 41st Annual People's Choice Awards at Nokia Theatre LA Live on January 7, 2015 in Los Angeles, California. (Getty Images)


“Ellen and Portia had been fighting more than ever. Portia was frustrated because she was spending a lot of time on Ellen’s talk show set or sitting at home, waiting for Ellen to spend time with her,” the so-called source continued. "Ellen hates that. She never wants people at work to know about her personal problems. It was a huge wake-up call for her."

However, In contrast to reports claiming that they were constantly feuding, DeGeneres told Howard Stern in 2015 that she almost never fought with her wife. “We don’t fight. We are madly in love,” the host said, adding, “We really don’t almost break up." Also, the Ellen DeGeneres Show host revealed that she and Rossi were pretty like-minded. “We think the same things. We are so similar and yet we’re different enough,” she added.

We reported last month that the pair were heading for a messy split and a $450 million divorce. The rumor was related to an incident last year when it was claimed that Portia had broken down in public in Los Angeles after she and Ellen seemingly talked about calling it quits. A source with knowledge of the event said the 'Scandal' actress broke down because she was scared she would lose the love of her life. "Her eyes were red and puffy, her makeup was running and she looked unsteady on her feet. It was shocking to see," the source shared.

The source claimed that Ellen's and Portia's marriage has been heading for an inevitable end for years because of the former's busy schedule, as well as her propensity to be very controlling in their relationship. "On top of that, they had a blowout fight last summer when Portia rejected Ellen’s pleas to adopt a child," the source said. "The tension is off the charts, and something had to give."

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