How Ella Bleu Travolta made dad John Travolta 'proud' after losing mom and brother at a young age

How Ella Bleu Travolta made dad John Travolta 'proud' after losing mom and brother at a young age
John Travolta's daughter Ella Bleu Travolta attended New York Fashion Week earlier this month (johntravolta/Instagram)

John Travolta's daughter Ella Bleu Travolta is making waves in the fashion world. She attended New York Fashion Week earlier this month wearing a variety of stunning outfits, leaving her celebrity father, 68, speechless. To celebrate Ella's big accomplishment, John shared a snapshot of her strutting her stuff on the catwalk for Karl Lagerfeld. “So proud of Ella's debut at fashion week in New York City," he wrote in his caption, tagging his daughter.

Even though Ella has accomplished a lot, her childhood wasn't always easy. When she was nine years old, she lost her elder brother, Jett, when he had a seizure and hit his skull in the bathtub. She then suffered another devastating blow when her mother, acclaimed actress Kelly Preston, died of breast cancer in 2020.


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The 22-year-old has established a successful career for herself as an actor, singer, and now, fashionista, seemingly following her father's footsteps. With John's assistance, she earned her first leading role in Old Dogs when she was nine when she was cast in the film Old Dogs shortly after Jett died. She is currently preparing to feature in the eagerly awaited adaptation of 'Alice in Wonderland' called 'Get Lost'. She told her father she wanted to be in a movie when she was seven, and he made it happen by introducing her to different directors, reported Daily Mail.


During a 2019 interview with People, he spoke about how amazing his daughter is. John said at the time, "She's different, and she's gracious, and she's lovely, she's well-mannered, and she's thoughtful, and it's authentic. It's very old-school. She reminds me of an older movie star. Another era. So I'm very proud of her." Before landing the lead role in 'Get Lost', she starred in the 2019 murder thriller, 'The Poison Rose, in which her father also appeared. She kicked off 2022 by releasing a debut single in January called ‘Dizzy.’


To commemorate the moment, Ella shared a video of her and John rocking out to the new track, which was a sneak peek of the EP that she was working on recording at the time. She captioned the video at the time, saying, “There is something I've been working on for the past year that is very dear to my heart,' she captioned the video at the time. "I wanted to share a part of a song that I wrote that will be on my EP coming out next year. Very excited (and nervous). Hope you like it!” 

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