Elizabeth Smart says her kidnapper should not be released: "Danger to any person who's vulnerable out there"

One of Elizabeth Smart's kidnapper's, Wanda Barzee, is being released on Wednesday, five years before her sentenced imprisonment

                            Elizabeth Smart says her kidnapper should not be released: "Danger to any person who's vulnerable out there"

Ahead of the release of one of her convicted kidnappers, Elizabeth Smart has revealed that Wanda Barzee used to urge her accomplice husband to repeatedly rape her and used to touch her during the assault.

In an interview with CBS's 'This Morning' on September 18, Smart said that Barzee had been just as evil as her husband Brian David Mitchell, who kidnapped her from her Salt Lake City house when she was 14-years-old in 2002 and made her his "wife".

Barzee is set to be released on Wednesday, five years ahead of her sentenced imprisonment. The husband and wife duo had taken the then teen to a camp in the woods where she was kept for nine months, and raped repeatedly.

She said in the interview: "I know just how bad she really can be. She would encourage him to rape me. She would sit right next to me like the side of her body would be touching me." When the host asked Smart if she was saying that Barzee would touch her physically when she was being raped daily, she replied saying: "While he was raping me. I mean, she was right there. So I mean, there were no secrets. She knew what was going on. She was the kind of woman that -- she was just evil and twisted." 

Smart revealed all the chilling details just one day before Barzee is set to get her freedom from prison and the former kidnap victim is not happy with the decision. She told CBS This Morning: "I remember when they used to force me to drink alcohol. One time they had me drink so much, I was a 14-year-old girl, had never touched alcohol in my life. That I ended up throwing up and then passing out in it. And both of them just let me lie there all night. And when I woke up the next morning, I mean, my face and my hair were completely crusted to the ground. And they both laughed. She laughed. She laughed just as much as he did if not more."


Smart, who is from Utah, said that Barzee should not be released five years early and that she should still be kept in prison. She warned that the kidnapper was still a danger to "any person who's vulnerable out there" while verbally attacking the woman as a parent by saying that "she is no mother" even though Barzee has six children. Smart spoke about the "rollercoaster of emotions, of worry" that she went through when she found out that Barzee was to be released on September 19. 

Smart had been told earlier that the convicted kidnapper would not be able to leave jail until 2024 at least but that decision was overturned after parole officers agreed that the seven years she spent in jail waiting for the trial should be counted as part of her sentence. Smart admitted that the news came as a "pretty big shock". 

Smart also claimed that sources in prison told her that Barzee still walked around with a "book of revelations" that her husband had written while pretending to be a Jesus-like religious figure. She said: "Hearing that she's still carrying that around and still holding onto me – holding onto that, I find that very discomforting. I think that she is a danger because, clearly, she hasn't let it go. She is still a big threat, and not just to me but to the public in general, I mean, to any person who's vulnerable out there."

Barzee seems like she has not coped well with trying to move on from the past, but Smart, on the other hand, has rebuilt her life since being kidnapped at the age of 14. She is now 30-years-old and a mother-of-two, and is pregnant with her third child. Smart has also made it clear that she is not going to allow the two kidnappers to take away any more of her time. She said: "I think at the end of it, what I've just come to, the conclusion that I've made is that I really have spent the last 15 years of my life trying to move forward."

Smart continued: "I try to follow my mom's advice that she gave me the day after I was rescued, in not allowing these people to steal any more of my life away from me. The best punishment I could give them is to be happy, is to move on with my life."

Referring to Barzee as a mother, Smart said: "From everything that I learned through the trial and everything that I learned being around her, I don't think she deserves that mark of respect to have the title of mother."

Barzee, who is a divorced mother-of-six, married Mitchell in 1984. When Smart was being held at the camp, she was raped by Mitchell almost daily. She has now become an advocate for abducted people and victims of sex crimes. Smart has said that Barzee would watch as she was being raped and even encouraged Mitchell to do it every day.

She said that Barzee had treated her like a "handmaiden" and "never hesitated to let her displeasure with me be known".

When she was being held as their captive, Smart would be made to go out in public with the couple on multiple occasions but the public did not recognize her in spite of her appearing in the news across the country.

At some point, fortunately, someone did recognize the kidnappers and called the authorities. The two of them were arrested and the then-teen was rescued.

Mitchell was sentenced to life in prison for kidnapping Smart and he was also convicted on multiple counts of rape. Barzee got 15 years in prison for the role she played in the crime.