Elizabeth Olsen auditioned to play Daenerys Targaryen on 'Game of Thrones' but it turned out to be really 'awkward'

Elizabeth Olsen auditioned to play Daenerys Targaryen on 'Game of Thrones' but it turned out to be really 'awkward'

Can you imagine anyone else other than Emilia Clarke playing the fiery dragon queen Daenerys Targaryen? Well, 'Avengers' star Elizabeth Olsen may have been the face of Dany if things had gone well. The actress revealed in a recent interview that she had indeed auditioned for the role of Dany for HBO's 'Game of Thrones' but it went on to be one of the worst auditions she's ever had.

"When I first started working, I just auditioned for everything, because I like auditioning. And I auditioned for Khaleesi. I forgot that,” she said in an interview with Vulture. "It was the most awkward audition I’d ever had."

Daenerys rises from the ashes in Season 1 finale of Game of Thrones (HBO)

Her audition bit was from the time that Dany had taken on the role of mother of dragons and she had just stepped out of her husband's pyre, unharmed and naked with three baby dragons wrapped around her. Her magical bond with the mystical beasts is what really changed the game of thrones and at this point in time, Dany knew that it was her destiny to sit on the Iron Throne and take what she believed was her birthright. 

She then declares that she will be their queen and the Dothraki finally submit to her. They set sail to win over all the seven kingdoms and burn whatever comes in their path. 

“[From] after she just burned. And she’s making this speech to thousands of people about how she’s their queen," Olsen explained. "They didn’t know if they wanted a British accent or not. So, you did it in both. It was terrible. Anytime someone says, ‘Bad audition story.’ That’s one I remember."

She is, however, totally gaga over the show now all thanks to Kit Harington, who plays Jon Snow. "I’m just so deep in Game of Thrones that all I can think about is Kit Harington,” she said. “I mean, he’s just brainwashed me," she said. 


Game of Thrones series ended on HBO on May 19 and the ending has left fans speechless. 

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