Summer Walker canceled? Internet rattled as Eliza Reign slams R&B singer for defending Future: ‘Just shut up’

One user wrote, 'Cancel summer walker so she doesn’t have a platform to preach from her pea brain anymore'

                            Summer Walker canceled? Internet rattled as Eliza Reign slams R&B singer for defending Future: ‘Just shut up’
Summer Walker (Getty Images)

Future, who has been in numerous public tussles with his exes in the past, was recently ordered by a court in Florida to pay $3,200 monthly in child support to Eliza Reign, the mother to his one-year-old daughter.

Now, amidst all this, the rapper has found support from an unexpected quarter. Contemporary R&B singer Summer Walker has come in Future's defense in an Instagram post on her alternative page @galactawhore. Summer Walker wrote, "SHE WANTS 53 THOUSAND A MONTH. WOMEN LIKE THIS ARE SO DISGUSTING AND SAD. I FEEL SO BAD FOR THIS MAN. WHERE DO Y’ALL EVEN FIND THESE TYPE OF WOMEN?"

Future was asked by the judge to pay $3,200 each month after the rapper said he's only making $30,000 in a month.

Eliza Reign immediately took to Instagram to respond to Summer Walker. In a series of stories, Reign wrote, 'Imagine being a Black woman. With a big platform. Built on music that is mostly celebrated by black women. Using your voice to bash another black woman based on fake news. Instead of speaking up for Black women who are forced into situations like mine by black men who are never held accountable...'

A Twitter user posted screenshots of Reign's statements:


Reign also mentioned the relationship between Summer Walker and hip-hop producer London on da Track reminding her that he, too, denied paternity of Walker’s one-year-old child only to be proven wrong by a DNA test. She further elaborated saying, 'I don't even like going back and forth with black women during times like these, but how are you speaking on a situation like mine when your man is doing the same if not worse than the person I’m battling in court.'

Walker's comments angered a lot of people of social media who had strong feelings about the whole ordeal. Talking about the issue, one fan wrote, 'Eliza telling summer Walker "nice music but where’s your brain at" is the best this I’ve seen all day.'


Talking about the part where Eliza called the reports of her demanding $53,000 a month 'fake', a Twitter user wrote, 'Eliza never asked Future for 53k. That’s how the state of Florida works if the other parent don’t show or provide their income, they base it off of public record until that parent comes forward. Summer Walker should’ve sat there and ate her food.'


But, as the debate raged on, many fans started to call for the cancellation of Summer Walker. Talking about the issue, one user wrote, 'Cancel summer walker so she doesn’t have a platform to preach from her pea brain anymore.'


Another supported the calls for the ban on Summer Walker and said, 'Cancel Summer Walker like y’all did Daniel Caesar.'


The same sentiments were shared by multiple other users across Twitter. Another user said, 'Yall better cancel summer walker the way you did Lil Uzi VERT.'


Another user called for mass cancellations of artists including Summer Walker saying, 'if you’re gonna cancel summer walker cancel everybody else too, no selectiveness.'


Some even defended Walker and slammed cancel culture as a whole. A Twitter user wrote, 'Yall need to leave Summer Walker alone, I'm so glad she had the guts to cancel, yall dont understand the pressure the industry puts on a successful new artist. By the end of the ratchet tour I gained 60lbs with food addiction and a hype beast as a bestfriend.'


Others also stood for Walker writing, 'Cancel culture is annoying. Now y’all canceling Summer Walker for her PERSONAL OPINION about LA. I wish y’all would apply that same energy with all your relationships.'


Summer Walker is best known for 2019 single 'Playing Games' featuring Bryson Tiller.

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