Elijah Snow's family shares post mortem photos with heavy bruising, cuts on firefighter's body

Elijah Snow's family believes he died due to an attack and not of asphyxiation as claimed by Mexican officials

                            Elijah Snow's family shares post mortem photos with heavy bruising, cuts on firefighter's body
Elijah Snow was found dead in a Cancun hotel (Arlington Fire Department)

The grieving family of a Texas firefighter, found dead in a resort bathroom in Mexico on July 19, has shared the gory post mortem photos. Heavy bruising and cuts can be seen on Elijah Snow's dead body. Snow's family also shared pictures of the firefighter with his wife Jamie, taken on July 18, when they arrived in Cancun to celebrate their tenth wedding anniversary. Those pictures reportedly only showed tattoos on Snow’s body but no bruising or cuts.

His family believes he died due to an attack and not of asphyxiation as claimed by Mexican officials. The relatives of the 35-year-old are sure that he was the victim of foul play and are now seeking the FBI's help. “There's one thing I know for certain, this was not an accident,” Snow's wife Jamie told DailyMail.com, after his death was claimed to be a freak accident that happened overnight on July 19 when he attempted to climb through a small window of a bathroom at the Sunset Royal Beach Resort.


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You can see the pictures here.

Snow’s stepfather David Oujesky took the pictures of the deceased at a Cancun funeral home, which showed his legs, back, and forehead covered in bruises. Oujesky, a retired firefighter and trained EMT in Texas, told DailyMail.com: “You don't get that kind of bruising by climbing into a window. I think he was beaten to death and that they tried to hide the body, dragged him back there and stuffed him into the hole. We don't agree with Mexico's narrative that this was an accident. Our main goal now is to put pressure on Mexico to let the FBI come in because we don't trust them.”

The heartbroken stepfather also gave a detailed description of what happened before Snow’s death. He said his stepson and his wife woke up at three in the morning on July 18 to take a flight to Cancun. They reached their destination mid-morning and checked into the Royalton Chic Suites Cancun. After spending their day in the pool and taking bath in their room, the pair dined at an on-site Asian restaurant, before going downstairs to a first-floor bar. However, the couple had a minor argument and Jamie went back to their room between 9.30 and 10 pm.

Elijah Snow and his wife Jamie. (Facebook/Elijah Snow)

The pair had drunk a number of margaritas in the day, a bottle of sake with dinner, and a dirty martini at the bar. “Jamie grew tired, and he said I'll stay down here and have another cocktail,” Oujesky said. However, when Jamie woke up at four in the morning and did not find her husband by her side, she walked around the hotel to search him, but failed. She then shared a message on a private Facebook page for hotel guests, and alerted the hotel security. “They did a little search on the grounds. That's when Jamie called police, at 8.30 am,” Oujesky said.

It has been said Snow’s body was found by a gardener at around seven in the morning, dangling from the small window of a locked employee bathroom. The area was behind the stage of an outdoor theater where people had earlier gathered for a show. It was out of sight of guests as well as surveillance cameras. 

Reports said Jamie was informed about her husband’s death at around 11.30 am. “When Jamie ID'd him that morning, they wouldn't show her the body, only pictures on the computer screen. She had to beg them to let her take pictures,” Oujesky stated, who arrived in Cancun on Wednesday, July 28. The family was allowed to see Snow’s body at a local funeral home. 

“There was a lot of bruising on him that we didn't believe was consistent with him trying to climb through that window,” the stepfather continued. The family also alleged that the Royalton did not show them surveillance footage and also refused to connect them with the Sunset for its surveillance. “We're hoping some kind of video cameras can show us. Did he leave with somebody? Just one video of him walking off by himself to that area, or walking off with someone else, will tell us a lot,” Oujesky added.

David Barcenas, general manager of the Sunset Royal Beach Club, claimed no foul play in Snow’s death but added, “That's the big question – how did he get there? We don't know how he arrived there. I think he was walking in from the beach. We think he was drunk. I don't know if he was climbing in, went backwards? We have the same questions everyone has.”

But Oujesky dismissed Barcenas’ claim and said, “My son's a CrossFit guy. He was in outstanding shape. There was not an ounce of fat on him. His shoulders aren't even going to go through that space. He was left hung up at his armpits.” He added: “Did he just take on a walk on the beach and two guys confronted him? Maybe they didn't mean to kill him but they did. Maybe they were going to drag him in there and see if they could throw him in bushes, saw there's no place to hide him and decided, let's stuff him in the hole.”

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