Who was Elijah La France? Boy, 3, shot dead at his birthday party in Florida Airbnb rental, gunman at large

Neighbors reported hearing 30 rounds fired while one woman also injured. The shooter is still at large

                            Who was Elijah La France? Boy, 3, shot dead at his birthday party in Florida Airbnb rental, gunman at large
Elijah La France was celebrating his birthday when he was shot dead (Twitter)

MIAMI-DADE, FLORIDA: Celebrating his birthday, Elijah La France was shot and killed by an unidentified person in Miami-Dade’s Golden Glades neighborhood. Details of the incident aren't fully available with the police still investigating. 

The incident occurred at an Airbnb short-term rental in Miami-Dade, at around 8:00 pm on Saturday, 24 April. When police responded, they took Elijah in their patrol car to a nearby hospital, but he was pronounced dead by the doctor. Another woman was also wounded in the gunfire. The 21-year-old was taken to Aventura Hospital, and is reportedly recovering and in "stable condition". 


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Police are now looking for the shooter, who is yet to be identified. The Miami-Dade Police put out a public call for information and urging people to call (305) 471-8477 if they have any tips.  


Here's everything we know so far about Elijah and the shooting.

An image of toddler Elijah La France, who was killed. (@ZoeyDollaz via Twitter)

Who is Elijah La France?

Not much is known about the three-year-old or his family. We could not find any mentions of Elijah's parents in any of the press reports or police information. Rapper Zoey Dollaz shared images of Elijah on Twitter, which showed him with a younger girl the rapper claims is his singer. NBC 6 reported that "family members told NBC 6 the party was for him and his little sister." We have been unable to verify these claims. In a Facebook post, The Haitian American claims Elijah is of Haitian-American descent. 


Adrian Annestor Elijah's uncle gave a brief interview to CBS Miami and said, "I wish it could have been me because I’ve lived long enough. He couldn’t even say mom and dad." The family was celebrating Elijah's birthday at an Airbnb on Northeast 158th Street, when the shooting happened. Police were alerted to the shooting through the SpotShotter app. Speaking to reporters, Miami-Dade Police Director Freddy Ramirez said, "as a father and as a member of this community, I am completely devastated. I’m disgusted."

A Crime Stoppers notice with information on the killing of Elijah La France. (@CrimeStoppers305 via Twitter)

It's unclear how the shooting started. A neighbor, Zobop told CBS Miami, "My sister was outside with me and next thing we know, ‘bam, bam, bam.’ We heard the shots fired. A tree blocked my view but my neighbor across the street he saw everything, when a man pulled the machine gun and started shooting." The neighbor refused to be identified, but said the shots had also hit his home and car. The unidentified person said, "Lots of fires. It sounded like a series of firecrackers. More than 30 rounds I heard. And then I saw a person running to a car and then a car took off high speed and two more cars followed all going east."