'If you don’t take a chance you’ll never know what can be': Country/pop troubadour Eileen Carey on her latest single 'That Town'

The California-based singer breaks down her latest single, discusses her love for Keith Urban, shares her eclectic musical taste, and more in an exclusive interview

                            'If you don’t take a chance you’ll never know what can be': Country/pop troubadour Eileen Carey on her latest single 'That Town'

With a unique sound that intersects pleasant country melodies with catchy pop arrangements, California-based singer/songwriter Eileen Carey is a one of a kind contemporary country/pop troubadour, one who knows what it takes to be a strong independent woman in today's music industry. Her fearlessness drives her music, with her upbeat positive lyrical message, best exemplified in tracks like 'Good Bad Girl,' 'In the Air,' 'Bring on the Big,' 'Faith' and most recently 'That Town', teaching us how to navigate all of life’s hurdles, all while being a busy mom. 
Carey has been successfully competing with top radio artists for years now. With an ever-growing global fan base, her musical journey has taken her tunes over the world. Her last single 'Good Bad Girl' topped nearly every New Music Weekly Chart, including Country and the Top 40.

Carey bagged The Los Angeles Music Award’s Female Country Artist of 2017, New Music Weekly’s Country Breakthrough Artist of the Year 2018, National Radio Hits’ Favorite Female Country Artist and the Independent Radio Networks Crossover Artist of 2016 for her amazing crossover appeal from Country to Adult Contemporary and Pop music and back again to her country roots.  With a style “a little bit cosmopolitan, a little bit country, a true musical chameleon who blends pop and rock and country influences with ease .”

Eileen Carey
Eileen Carey

Exposed to music ever since she was in the church choir as a kid, Eileen Carey has served as an artist ambassador for the Supercuts beauty salon chain, and showcased her music and mothering skills, considering she is also “The Music Mom” to a national television audience on the Nick Jr docu-comedy, ‘Take Me To Your Mother.’

Along the way, as she revealed to Meaww in an exclusive interview, during her early days as an artiste, she even ended up scoring a few small roles in 'Batman' (1989) and 'Basic Instinct', and was the attorney in the Ray Charles Super Bowl Diet Pepsi commercial! 

With her seamless transitioning between country and pop, her relentless work ethic through which she keeps raising the bar for herself, and a string of upcoming tour dates including an opening slot for Jefferson Starship, Eileen Carey has cemented herself as the next big thing to watch out for in the contemporary/country scene. Check out Eileen's exclusive interview with Meaww below, where she discusses her early days, her dream collaboration, musical influences, upcoming plans and more:

What’s the story behind the name of your new single 'That Town'? Who produced the single? 

Well, it is my story, but 'That Town' is really anyone and everyone’s story, that had to leave home to take on their dreams. If you don’t take a chance you’ll never know what can be. Simple as that! Travis Allen produced the single. He produced my award-winning 'Let It Go' CD and all my singles since. He is meticulous and has great ears. We are somewhat of a team now.


What was it like in the studio during the production of your single? 

'That Town' is a rewrite of the song that actually drew me to country music... We have fun, but we get the work done. I am close with my live band, but Travis handles the original rhythm tracks in Nashville then we put on the sweetening and vocals in his studio in Montrose, California.  

When did you first start performing? 

Back in high school, community theatre and in the church choir as a kid. [I] Came west from Cleveland to study film, ended up in a few movies; the original 'Batman', 'Basic Instinct', and was the attorney in the Ray Charles Super Bowl Diet Pepsi commercial. You have to make a living so I studied hotel management and worked for the Sheraton organization in Pasadena and then in Santa Monica booking entertainment. The experience showed me that I could be a singer and even a songwriter. An artist. Never looked back. 

Who are your biggest influences? 

There are so many influences in my music. Everyone from Patsy Cline to Sheryl Crowe; from the Beatles to Bruno Mars. Keith Urban, 80s pop artists like Chrissie Hynde and Martha Davis. I write and choose my songs for the stories they tell.

Album art for Eileen Carey's latest single 'That Town'.
Album art for Eileen Carey's latest single 'That Town'.

What kind of music do you like listening to?

Everything. My husband and I are really quite eclectic. Country, pop, R&B, rock, etc. For years I thought I didn’t like Jazz, but have been learning to appreciate it and enjoy it these days. A little bit of musical growth there (lol). 

If you had to pick just one artist/band that you would like to collaborate with in the near future, who would it be? 

Keith Urban. We both like to rock our country-pop. Both write and sing positive songs.

Any playlist/mix that you particularly enjoy?

Keith Urban 'Coming Home'
Sheryl Crowe 'A Change Would Do You Good'
Bruno Mars 'Just the Way You Are'
Katy Perry 'Hot & Cold'
Pink 'Who Knew'
Maroon 5 'Moves like Jagger'
Thomas Rhett 'Craving You'
Cold Play 'Adventure of a Lifetime'
Gwen Stefani 'Make Me like You'
Shawn Mendes 'Nothing Holding Me Back'

If you had to pick one favorite among all your tracks, which one would it be and why? 

Of all my favorite recorded songs, the song 'Faith' is my favorite. It first appeared on my third album 'Movin’ On,' but we re-recorded it as a single after my fourth release 'Let It Go'. I think it best represents what I believe in. It is a matter of believing in yourself no matter what comes your way.


Any new collaborators that you’ve been working with / plan to collaborate with? 

Well, after all this time, I am just beginning to write with Travis. That is new for us. He is a great writer and has had his writing hand in the reworking of the current single, 'That Town' as well. 

What were some of the challenges / the greatest challenge that you faced while recording your music? 

Get my final lead vocal where I want it. Travis likes to push me. During the recording of 'In the Air' it felt like he pushed me to sing the song 100 times. Every recording is a new challenge. You never get over the feeling that the track, the song, the performance has to be better than the one before. It is a high bar I set for myself when I am recording. 

Vinyl or digital? What’s your preferred format and why? 

Both! For an artist any platform that helps communicate your music is welcome. I still believe that fans want something in their hands, but for expanding the reach of your music nothing can beat the digital world. I think the best platforms on social media are Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Soundcloud is the most consistent partner in posting the full song for listening and posting in my opinion. My social media firm uses an interesting platform in  NoiseTrade.com  Very effective for growing your e-mail base.


Are you hitting the road any time soon?

Yes! I am putting together a small tour of radio stations in a few states Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio and the Carolinas, in September; and then I am returning to Southern California in October where I am playing the House of Blues in San Diego at a RAW Artists' event. We are in the process of adding dates in October and November. 

What can we expect next? 

A bunch of things. My 'That Town' music video will be released shortly, then in late September, I am releasing another single. As I said I am looking forward to a number of live shows; Opening for Jefferson Starship at the Rose in Pasadena on the 18th  of this month, be on the road meeting the program Directors and DJs in the heartland and then come home to the House of Blues In San Diego, I’ll be at the Hard Rock Café in Hollywood on the 7th of November, and then at the Avalon, where I am performing at the Sync Summit in December. Also, Travis and my first co-write... we hope to release in January 2019.