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Edward von Moger: Shirtless man in 'Boomerang Attack' video is brother of 'Mr Universe' Calum von Moger

Edward von Moger attacked an old couple in Victoria and screamed curses at them about the Covid vaccine
UPDATED AUG 10, 2022
Screenshots of video that showed Edward von Moger attacking an old couple with a boomerang (Reddit)
Screenshots of video that showed Edward von Moger attacking an old couple with a boomerang (Reddit)

VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA: A shirtless guy was seen on camera reportedly smashing a boomerang in the window of an elderly couple's car. Edward von Moger, a bodybuilder, and brother of three-time "Mr. Universe" Calum von Moger, has been identified as the suspect. In the upsetting viral footage, that emerged late last week on Reddit, Edward can be seen screaming about Covid vaccinations at the elderly couple through their car window on the side of a road.

He allegedly started banging on the passenger side glass before stopping to strangely inspect himself in the rearview mirror of the car. Edward seemed to be having a violent nervous breakdown. Edward's boomerang shattered into two pieces as a result of his beating at the window. "You broke my f***ing boomerang," he shouted at the helpless pair.


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After Edward's boomerang broke, he took out another one and became even angrier. He later yelled at the pair again, calling them phrases like "you c***s and, you f***ing piece of s***". Edward destroyed the side mirror of the couple's car, yanked the glass from its frame, and slammed it into a pane. To the horror of the people inside the car, Edward cracked the window with two more strikes with his fists and bare palm before starting his anti-vaccine tirade. "F***ing idiots, you got the vaccine and it didn't bother ya. You both got the f***ing vaccine and it's lost a life," he shouted. As Edward took hold of the old man's shirt, the helpless individual asked him "leave me alone." Right after this, Edward rushed out in a fury and vanished behind an automobile that was stationary.

Edward's roadside rant comes after his brother Calum, who played Arnold Schwarzenegger in the 2018 movie 'Bigger,' suffered significant injuries after leaping from the second-floor balcony of his house in Geelong, Victoria. Calum, 31, underwent a spinal operation in May 2022 and spent 11 days in Alfred Hospital in Melbourne. His most recent Instagram picture is a snapshot of himself with the caption "fresh start."


According to the Daily Mail, on May 4, police authorities were called to Calum's home after receiving a call about a man suffering from a mental breakdown. Before police and paramedics arrived, nearby construction workers reported hearing screams and the sounds of breaking glass.

Due to Calum's notoriety as a bodybuilder and his acting profession, his brother Edward's mental breakdown attracted global attention. In addition to playing Arnold Schwarzenegger, Calum was in the Netflix film 'Calum von Moger: Unbroken.' He was also featured in the bodybuilding movie 'Generation Iron 2.' In October of last year, he returned to Australia from Los Angeles. Edward von Moger has not yet been arrested for the alleged attack. His partner informed that the footage was old and that he was experiencing mental health problems at that time. While this is the first time Edward has been in the news for the wrong reasons, Calum has had to face a series of unfortunate events in the past.

Previously labeled "Arnold Schwarzenegger 2.0," Calum has had his mansion in California burn to the ground. Calum also sustained knee and bicep injuries that rendered him immobile for about a year. In early 2022, Calum entered a guilty plea for carrying several narcotics on his person, including testosterone, cannabis, and around two grams of methamphetamine, shortly after being discharged from a medical facility.
After Calum's pet dog, a bull terrier named Rex, choked on a cracker and passed away last year, the muscleman was apparently no longer himself. After relocating to Texas in early 2021, the bodybuilder stated in a YouTube video that the disaster occurred after he momentarily left his house.


"I left the house for 20 minutes to go to the store and I guess he got into one of the rooms and there was a bag of chips and he choked on a chip. I came back, looked for him, and found him on the floor with his head in the chip bag - I thought it was a bad joke, and then I went down and I couldn't do anything, "said Calum.
He attempted CPR on Rex, performed compressions, and rushed him to the veterinarian, but none of those means seemed to work. This unfortunate experience, apart from the time he was injured while rappelling and had to spend one year recovering in 2019, was cited as the worst event that had ever occurred to him.