What is Eduardo Camavinga's net worth? Real Madrid make $35M bid for Rennes star

The 18-year-old midfielder Eduardo Camavinga is reportedly heading to Santiago Bernabeu as Madrid look to shore up after dropping their bid for PSG's Mbappe

                            What is Eduardo Camavinga's net worth? Real Madrid make $35M bid for Rennes star
Rennes midfielder Eduardo Camavinga (Eduardo Camavinga/Instagram)

The summer transfer window, while outlandish, is far from done. With one more day to go, soccer clubs are still on the hunt for the brightest possible talent to shore up their squads. The latest news is that Rennes midfielder Eduardo Camavinga, the 18-year-old sensation, could be on his way to Real Madrid as the club look beyond Frenchman Kylian Mbappé, the pursuit for whom Madrid dropped. 

Naturally, the news meant we had to dig into Camavinga, as we have done in the past for stars like Christiano Ronaldo and now teammate Paul Pogba. Manchester United managed to beat rivals City to secure the services of Ronaldo, after an $18m transfer fee. Weeks ago, we also reported on the net worth of Shabnam Mobarez, the captain of the Afghan women's soccer team who recently called on FIFA to save her team from the Taliban.


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Now, we'd like to dig into Camavinga and explore his net worth. Reportedly, Madrid has made a $35M bid for the young star, which may seem baffling at first. After all, with names like Kroos, Modric, and Valverde on the sheet, where exactly does Camavinga fit in? We should find out soon enough if Madrid's bid is accepted by the French club. Wondering how much the bid will add to Camavinga's net worth? Here are all the details.



What is Eduardo Camavinga's net worth?

He may be only 18, but the Frenchman is already quite rich thanks to European football. Having worked his way up the ranks at Rennes, Camavinga is now on a nearly $29,000 weekly wage. In just a few short years with the club, he's reportedly amassed a net worth of well over a few million. We don't know an exact number, because professional athletes tend to have numerous sources of income, not just their salary.

Salary Sport puts Camavinga's net worth at £21,32,000 (around $29,33,000). We know he currently earns around £10,92,000 (around $15,02,000) per year from his contract alone. Where does the rest of the money come from? It's unclear since little information was available. We know he has a deal with Nike, but there's no word on what it is worth. Given that he's quite a big star with Rennes and even represented the French national team though, you can expect it to be worth a few million as well.

Whatever his actual value is, one thing you can say for sure is that it is about to get a massive boost. The Spanish club has reportedly made a $35M bid for Camavinga, beating out teams like Manchester United for the young sensation. Should Camaviga decide to head to the Santiago Bernabeu, he is certainly in for a big payday. According to the latest reports, he has completed his medical with Madrid and the results should be announced very soon. That announcement should give us a better idea of what his salary will be, and just how much it boosts his net worth. With Modric and Kroos in their final few years, it's clear Camavinga is Madrid's future and is set for some big deals in the coming months and years. 

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