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Who was Eddie the cat? RIP Eddie trends as Twitch streamer Moonmoon pays tribute to his pet of 15 years

Twitch streamer Moonmoon's white cat Eddie became the subject of the viral #RIP Eddie hashtag after the streamer posted about how his cat had passed away
Twitch streamer Moonmoon with cat Eddie (
Twitch streamer Moonmoon with cat Eddie (

Twitch streamer Moonmoon's white cat Eddie became the subject of the viral #RIP Eddie hashtag after the streamer posted about how his cat had passed away. Eddie the cat would often be part of Moonmoon's streams, sleeping in a cat bed placed on the left side of his desk at camera-level. 

In a tribute video on his Twitch channel, Moonmoon revealed Eddie had been with him from 2006 to 2021, while showcasing his many moods. On Twitter, he posted a simple message: "See you around buddy" and a gif of Eddie settling in for a nap.


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In another separate tweet, he mentioned how he started caring for Eddie in the first place. "This was the day we got to hang out for the first time after moving away from Florida, here in my apartment in Charlotte, NC. My family was running from a hurricane that that warranted evacuation; I forced them to bring you and told them that I would take care of you instead" he wrote, posting a picture of Eddie from that time.

He also wrote: "Thank you for always acting as my copilot during most of my streaming years. I am not often expressive of my emotions, and I find it tacky most times to use my platform for things like that. I'm not looking for pity or condolences. Just closure for ppl who loved him as much as me".




Followers of the Twitch streamer who saw Eddie the Cat as part of their community sent in condolence tweets. "He was the best co-pilot all of us coulda asked for, I'm sorry for your loss man," said one tweet, while another user tweeted: "Eddie was one of the best, I’ll miss the little fluff ball causing a ruckus on your desk or demanding attention. I’m sorry for your loss, he will be greatly missed." Another tweet read:"Sorry to hear about this sad news Moon, Eddie was a great cat and a wonderful addition to your stream. My condolences."




Others shared clips or memories about Eddie's presence on the live streams they had tuned into. "Moonmoon you were the first steamer I watched back in 2016, the love towards Eddie inspired me to get my cat, hope. We love watching your stream together <3" said one user posting a picture of his own pet cat, while another referenced Eddie the Cat's "comedic timing" with "his little noises". Moonmoon himself shared his own memories of Eddie saying: "Your demeanor was more like a dog's, which made sense given how close you were with my late dog Sheamus, who passed away in 2018. I always had to explain why my arm seemed to be covered in violent-looking scratches. It is because you didn't really care for cat toys."




Another tweet called him "best streamer cat", while another fan said: "The fact that RIP Eddie is trending shows just how much everyone loved that wonderful cat." There are a few Twitch streamers who have pets who have shown up on streams. But none as consistently as Eddie and with as much interaction with its owner on screen. In marked contrast to Moonmoon is the Twitch streamer Alinity, who once threw her cat Milo off her desk and threw it behind her in a clip that soon went viral. Those following her Twitch account also found one clip where she had fed her cat vodka.