How paranormal experts Ed and Lorraine Warren fought an extremely beautiful succubus with Vatican's help

The succubus threw Ed around 10 feet and it was impossible for the couple to fight the demon alone

                            How paranormal experts Ed and Lorraine Warren fought an extremely beautiful succubus with Vatican's help
Ed and Lorraine Warren (Getty Images)

Famed paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren were best known for their high profile cases and experiences, having investigated cases such as the Lindley Street poltergeist and the Perron family haunting. Their life experiences have also inspired the popular horror film franchise 'The Conjuring' and other films such 'The Amityville Horror'.

Besides these cases, the couple has also dealt with several other cases, not all of which have garnered mainstream media attention. The story and journey of Ed and Lorraine Warren have been covered in Travel Channel's documentary 'Devil's Road: The True Story of Ed and Lorraine Warren' which will air on September 7 at 9 pm ET.

Here's a look at two lesser-known paranormal cases: 

The Succubus Haunting 

The succubus haunting case took place in 1986 in West Pittston, Pennsylvania. The haunting involved a married couple Jack and Janet Smurl who lived in a duplex with their four children. Their house came to be known as the nightmare home as the family reported several disturbing encounters. The case attracted Ed and Lorraine Warren who went to the house to investigate after receiving a desperate call from the Smurls. In the documentary, the couple's daughter Heather Smurl said, "My parents see it and sometimes they hear a heartbeat in the middle of them when they're sleeping. The closet doors open."

The local priest was unable to help them even after blessing the home. A voice recording of Lorraine Warren narrates, "when phenomena first began to occur in this house, they tried everything. They called people, they called the church. The priest came out and blessed it but so much more was needed."

One night, as the Smurls were lying in bed, the bed started to shake after which they saw black shadows move across the bedroom and something grabbed Janet and yanked her off the bed. There was another night when both started to rise up in the air as high as the ceiling. A couple of nights later, a demonic entity known as a succubus appeared. A succubus attacks the male physically and sexually.

Jack was sitting in a chair when he saw a woman coming down the stairs. The woman looked very beautiful from afar but when she came closer, her face changed to a skull with rotting teeth and it attacked him. It is said that this type of sexual attack is an insult to the birth cycle of Jesus Christ and God. 

Ed and Lorraine Warren had to use religious provocation to try and chase away whatever evil was there. Paranormal investigator Jeff Belanger says in the documentary, "Ed would bring in holy water, he would hold up crosses, and he would tell whatever entities were around 'In the name of Jesus, Get out'."

"He pictured himself as a warrior and these were his weapons," Belanger said. Ed himself was attacked by the evil entity and recalled how he was thrown back around 10ft onto the bed. The succubus was too powerful for Ed and Lorraine to handle on their own but they received no help from the local church. An exorcist was sent by the Vatican to clear the house. This ultimately worked.

Cemetery Haunting 

Carmen Snedeker McHone had brought a house logistically perfect for her and her family. As it turned out, the house was a former funeral home. Strange occurrences started once the family moved in. Carmen revealed, "I went to mop the floor, the mop water turned a thick red." Terrified, she called the house help to take a look. "She leaned down and smelt it, she got up and walked out the door and I never saw her again," Carmen added.

Carmen's son Phillip also experienced paranormal activity. "He said 'ma we have to leave this place' and he was shaking visibly. He said 'this place is evil'. And I said, 'son, evil lives in hearts of man and not in the house'. He said 'you're going to see'," Carmen revealed in the documentary. 

"He started seeing this man — the way he described this man is with long black hair, very narrow face, he had squinty dark eyes with no whites and the man would stand on the other side of the door and do bad things. He would just say 'Phillip'," Carmen added but she did not believe her son and attributed it to delusions caused by his cancer treatment.

It was when Carmen's niece Tami came to visit the house that she understood what was happening. "The entity would pull her shirt down from her shoulders, and start pulling her bra down. She got very upset by this." Carmen then headed to Tami's room after grabbing a bible. As she started to read it, Tami said. "Aunt Carmen its coming, can you feel it?"

She also saw a hand go up Tami's shirt and the entity laughed. Carmen grabbed her crucifix but it shattered. She then called Ed and Lorraine Warren to come and help. The Warrens came the next day to help. A voice recording of Ed revealed, "They were seeing ghosts. They were physically hurt, even attacked sexually. When she told me that it had been a funeral home, I suspected necrophilia which is abuse of a dead body and we know that this can bring about terrible and diabolical phenomena." 

The Warrens and the Snedeker family teamed up with the church to clear the house of all evil and conduct an exorcism.

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