Why are Eazy-E's daughters feuding over Megan Thee Stallion song? Fans say both Ree and Ebie are ‘slightly off’

ReeMarkable and Ebie, both of whom claim to be Eazy-E's daughters, sparred online about Megan's single, ‘Girls in the Hood’, which samples the late rapper's 1987’s hit ‘Boyz-n-the-Hood’

                            Why are Eazy-E's daughters feuding over Megan Thee Stallion song? Fans say both Ree and Ebie are ‘slightly off’
ReeMarkable, Eazy-E, Megan Thee Stallion (Getty Images)

Megan Thee Stallion is preparing to present her fans with her brand new single, ‘Girls in the Hood’, which samples Eazy-E’s 1987’s hit ‘Boyz-n-the-Hood’. While her fans seemed thrilled to witness her new piece of music, the fact that she used Eazy-E’s hit classic didn’t go well with his alleged daughter, ReeMarkable.

Megan shared a video of herself twerking on Instagram on June 25, writing, “MIDNIGHT  hotties y’all ready? #girlsinthehood #realhotgirlshit”

Following this, ReeMarkable took to Instagram to call out Megan for stealing her father’s legacy. She captioned the video, “So tired of the bullshit games we gotta keep playing , I’m done being quite (sic) ! We want involvement when it come to our daddy , tired of my sister crying about the unfairness . I’m fed the fuck up ... WE EAT OFF NOTHING MY DADDY LEFT BEHIND. What ever y’all see Us have we hustled to get . Shit too lame we get papers thrown at us but others don’t . We just wanna be apart of the legacy too"

However, even before Megan could respond to Ree, another woman, Ebie, who claims to be Eazy-E’s true daughter posted a video on Twitter in which she’s seen telling fans and followers that she has no clue who Ree is and why she always pops up on Internet when anything related to her father surfaces. “I don’t know her, my father didn’t know her,” Ebie says.

She even states that she’s happy about Megan reworking on her father’s music to suit the relevant times as opposed to Ree. The clash between Ree and Ebie obviously garnered a lot of attention as Internet users struggled to get their heads around what’s been happening. 

One fan wrote, “What in the family feud is going tf on here. The other girl Ree is talm bout legacy, and access to his past, present and future and they should be getting paid. They daddy got played by the industry and still getting played”. While one confused fan went on to ask “Wait what! Eazy E has 10 kids?” 

Another shocked fan asked, “Jeez! how many kids on earth does eazy E have? I think both daughters are slightly off.”

And some of the Internet users have noted that Eazy-E, who is known for his promiscuity, wouldn’t know all of his children. “How could Eazy know all his kids when he was sticking and moving everywhere?  And trying to invalidate Ree by saying she just popped up and nobody knows her is low class. Ebie is no more legitimate than she. Lame.” said one. 

And one Twitter user said Eazy-E's daughters should rather stop fighting over the Internet and take the issue to his former wife Tomica Woods. “Eazy E kids fighting each other online about shit none of them can control. Instead of going to the ex wife, who has power of his estate...they rambling bout who his real kids are,” the tweet read. 

And another suggested, “I would like to see them young ladies come together exactly if there really sisters .... that’s sad to be going in on each other and your sisters .... would Eazy E be ok with this?”

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