High school resource officer shoots and kills himself inside basement office in school

Joseph Comegna, a 21-year veteran of the Baltimore County Police, shot and killed himself at the Eastern Tech High School in Baltimore.

                            High school resource officer shoots and kills himself inside basement office in school

A longtime school resource officer of the Baltimore County Police shot himself fatally in his basement office at Eastern Technical High School this past Monday.

The school was put on lockdown during the initial investigation but police say there was no threat to their students or the community. The school was later dismissed on schedule.

According to a press release by the Baltimore County government, police and medics were dispatched to the school located on 1100 block of Mace Avenue at around 12:23 pm in response to a call that reported an officer was down.

First responders at the scene then found officer Joseph Comegna, the permanent SRO for Eastern Tech,  with a single gunshot wound to the upper body. He was rushed to the MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center but succumbed to his wounds.

Detectives combed through surveillance footage available and determined that there was no foul play as he was seen Comegna was seen walking down the hallway alone before entering his office.

Faculty rushed to his office after hearing the gunshot, and found Comegna suffering from a gunshot wound. He was found alone and the firearm recovered from the scene was concluded to be his duty weapon. Detectives also determined a single round was fired from the weapon, though the body-worn camera on Comega was inactive at the time of the incident. Based on preliminary evidence, investigators say the gunshot wound was self-inflicted and are treating the death as a suicide. 

Comegna was reportedly a 21-year veteran of the Baltimore County Police Department and was held in high regard. Prior to his sudden passing, he had been a School Resource Officer for the past 12 years and had been permanently assigned to Eastern Tech for four years.


Peers and community members came out to pay tribute to the fallen officer as news of his death became public. Baltimore County Executive Don Mohler released a statement that read, "So difficult to find the words when a family loses a loved one. All of us in Baltimore County stand in support of the Comegna family at this difficult time."

A close family member paid his respects as well, writing on Facebook, "My Cousin, Joseph Comegna unexpectedly passed away today. He was a 21 year Veteran of the Baltimore County Police Department & The School Resource Officer at Eastern Vocational Technical High School. He is from a proud family of Police & will always be missed."

The school is expected to function as usual in the coming days and school administrators have indicated that crisis counselors will be on hand to assist any students or faculty members that might seek help or advice.