'Dynasty' Season 3: Adam might lose his eyesight and fans are celebrating the 'bad karma' plot twist

'Dynasty' Season 3: Adam might lose his eyesight and fans are celebrating the 'bad karma' plot twist

The CW's 'Dynasty' is full of plot twists but episode four had a major turning point when Adam Carrington (Sam Underwood) got caught up in an explosion. Titled 'Something Desperate', the hour-long episode put the spotlight on an explosion after a gas leak where Adam might have lost his eyesight.

It all started when Dominique (Michael Michele) tried to reconcile with her son Jeff (Sam Adegoke) who made high stakes demand of his mother. "I want to make sure he can never rebuild. Adam and Blake came for my life. Now I am going for theirs. If you're really Team Colby, you'll help me."

To take revenge, she first tried to adulterate the wine bottles and later, turned out to be the mastermind behind an explosion that almost took Adam's eyes. Is Adam going to be blind now? "Adam hurt you. Isn't that right?" she told Jeff and that she is going to get "an eye for an eye!" By the end of the episode, Dominique gets the better of all. 

A still from 'Dynasty' Season 3 Episode 4 titled 'Something Desperate'. (The CW)

While that may be bad news for the Carringtons, fans are celebrating the "karma at its finest" turn. According to them, Adam totally deserves it after all the damage he has caused. "Adam deserves to go blind considering he threw his damn mom into a fireplace. (I still think he’s cute, tho) #Dynasty," one fan wrote and another posted, "Blake is right, Adam is not some people, because Adam is a creep who needs to get what he deserves on #Dynasty." 

"Everything that one day goes comes back Adam and his day has come. #Dynasty," one fan posted and another wrote, "When is Fallon gonna realise that Adam is the reason Liam’s got amnesia cause we’re all waiting." Some fans, however, don't wish for Adam to go blind. "I hope Adam's blindness is just temporary and he does that soap thing where he gets his eyesight back, but pretends to still be blind so he can spy on people. It's a classic. #Dynasty," one tweet read. 

There is an air of suspense over the entire fiasco as the summary of the next episode titled 'Mother? I'm at La Mirage' reads: "Adam receives unexpected attention from Blake." Episode five of 'Dynasty' Season 3 will air on The CW next Friday, November 8. 


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